Rating of the best anti-scratches for cars

The best anti-scratch pastes Liqui Moly Kratzer Stop The German company usually does not upset with the performance of its auto chemicals. This time, we will also give it its due: the paste really does an excellent job with small scratches, and decently masks large ones. There is enough wax in the composition to fill […]

Rating of the best tops for gel polish

The best matte and velvet tops for gel polish Vogue Nails Velvet The matte finish with a sticky layer of the domestic brand Vogue Nails was liked by many masters. The top is opaque, with a milky tint (which does not affect the color of the coating), viscous, moderately thick. The brush is standard. The […]

Rating of the best H1 lamps

Best H1 bulbs with extended life Philips LongLife EcoVision H1 Lamps from this line confidently performed in previous ratings of automotive halogen lamps, and in today’s one they become well-deserved winners. Working well in both headlights and fog lights, they will not disappoint in the resource. As for the price, it is not so high […]

The best varieties of dill — description, photo, reviews

The best varieties of dill «for greens» Alligator (Russia, 2002) A good mid-late variety of bushy dill for horticultural plots and farms. The first cutting of greenery is carried out 45 days after germination, at a plant height of 20–25 cm. It forms a raised rosette of leaves, the foliage of the shoots is strong. […]

Rating of the best H11 lamps

Best Standard H11 Halogen Bulbs OSRAM Original H11 Well, it is extremely predictable that Osram Original H11 lamps win in this rating, they are also Renault 77 01 049 263, they are also Mercedes N000000 001606, and so on: Osram lamps are traditionally installed on automotive conveyors around the world. Moreover, there is no doubt […]

Rating of the best fog lights

The best compact halogen fog lights Hella Micro DE The headlights are popular and widely known: even in some tuning body kits, the sockets in the bumper are directly designed for their installation. Excellent light distribution and brightness, despite only a forty-millimeter «pupil» — this is what we, in fact, love Hella for. The lamp […]

Rating of the best nail primers of 2020

The best premium gel polish bases Base for gel polish Nano Professional NANLAC Gum Professional base for gel polish, especially recommended for thin, soft nails. The product is thick, viscous, forms a drop, spreads well, independently modeling a flat, smooth surface. The brush is short, but that’s more of a plus. By the way, the […]

The best varieties of parsley — description, photo, reviews

The best varieties of leaf parsley Bogatyr (Russia, 2000) Discover our ranking of the best leaf parsley varieties, a reliable late-ripening variety for fresh consumption. Recommended for garden plots and farm plantations. Forms a semi-raised rosette of leaves. The plant is powerful, vigorous. The leaves are large, rich green, juicy, after cutting they grow back […]

The best varieties of zucchini — description, photo, reviews

The best varieties of white-fruited zucchini Cavili F1 (Holland, 2002) Early ripe hybrid of white-fruited vegetable marrows of bush type. The fruits are removed 40-45 days after germination, they grow together. The plant is strong and compact. The leaves are small, strongly dissected, dark, spotty. Fruits are cylindrical, medium length, with a ribbed surface, pale […]