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The modern household appliance «yogurt maker» is designed to ensure proper nutrition for the whole family. Devices from different manufacturers differ only in the type of timer and the strength of the case, while the quality of the finished product will be the same.

A homemade yogurt maker is essential for dieters and desirable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle.

What is a yogurt maker?

The yogurt maker makes a natural product that cannot be bought, because its shelf life is very limited, which is unprofitable for sale. In a home yogurt maker, you can also cook kefir, cottage cheese and sour cream. This is possible due to the constant maintenance of a temperature of about 40 degrees for the fermentation of milk with the addition of starter culture. In fact, a yogurt maker is just a thermally insulated container, inside of which there are several small cups with lids.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

Therefore, there are not so many criteria for choosing this device: they all work from the electrical network, have a set of capacities and maintain the temperature in the same way. The main thing to evaluate is the ease of use for a particular family and the necessary set of functions. The main differences between the devices are in a specific manufacturer.

How the yogurt maker works

All yogurt makers can be divided into two large groups: those that work on the principle of a thermos or those that provide constant heating. The device of the first type heats the contents to 60 degrees, after which the temperature inside is maintained using a special housing design, reminiscent of a thermos. The walls of the enclosure are characterized by a high degree of thermal insulation, unless the temperature in the room is very low.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

Devices of the second type are more diverse, they heat up to 40 degrees and maintain the temperature with the help of constant heating. The advantage of using such yogurt makers is that you can insert any containers into them, for example, baby food jars, but this cannot be done in a thermos. These yogurt makers are the most common, they can be bought at any hardware store.

Appliance power and timer

Yogurt makers from different manufacturers differ from each other in the connected power, it is in the range of 8-15W. In fact, any of them will maintain the required temperature, but the electricity bill will differ by several rubles. The price of the device depends on the presence of a timer in it, which can be mechanical or electronic. Mechanical after a few years begins to lie a little in time, but its cost justifies itself.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

The automatic shutdown function is that, by setting a certain amount of time, the yogurt maker will turn itself off when needed. This feature is very convenient in order to get a product of exactly the consistency and taste that all family members or a specific person will like. The indication at the end of cooking can also be different: a light bulb or a bell.

Expert advice! Pay attention to the location of the cooking indicators on the top cover or front panel. Also, an important point is that some appliances are programmed for a certain cooking time — this can be very inconvenient if the product needs to be cooked longer.

Number of containers and material of manufacture

Some appliances are equipped with a single container — this is very inconvenient, because the product may deteriorate before it is used. Another argument in favor of several containers is the possibility of preparing yogurt or cottage cheese with different fruit additives or the amount of sourdough. In this case, the device can have from 5 to 8 jars, their number is selected individually depending on the needs and number of family members.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

Jars can be made of plastic or glass — the second option is more preferable due to hygiene and environmental friendliness. Of course, it is worth noting the fragility of glass jars, so you need to be as careful as possible with them. When buying, you need to find out if there is a set of additional jars for a particular device, and whether you can use baby food jars.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

Tefal and Mulinex are recognized market leaders

Tefal yogurt makers are made of high-strength plastic, pleasant to the touch, they consist of glass jars. As already noted, such containers are the most hygienic and durable, they can be boiled for disinfection. Models from Tefal and Mulineks have a special capacity for storing the cord, which allows you to make the most of the space in the kitchen.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

Expensive models of these brands have an LCD display and an electronic timer. Another useful feature is the possibility of marking the date mechanically. By turning the lid, the numbers in the window will change. Thus, it is possible to monitor the expiration date of the product or the number of preparations.

Expert advice! Decide if you need additional features of the device and whether you will use them, so as not to overpay for a state-of-the-art yogurt maker.

Dex and Ariete — value for money
For those who do not need additional features and do not plan to spend extra money on a purchase, you need to pay attention to the Dex and Ariette brands. They are not intended for constant use, but for periodic cooking they are perfect. The Orion yogurt maker has the right price-quality ratio and is the golden mean of this market segment.

How to choose a yogurt maker?

Dex devices are distinguished by an affordable price, but the average quality of the case, which means that they are relatively short-lived. At the same time, the prepared yogurt will not differ in quality from the finished product of a well-known brand. The disadvantage is the lack of a timer and the possibility of automatic shutdown. The plastic body of the Ariete and Orion yogurt makers is of good quality, strength and durability.

How to make the right choice?

So, all yogurt makers on the market do not differ much from each other: it is always a transparent square or oval container containing small jars for making fermented milk products. All of them are easy to disassemble and wash, easy to use. The case of models from the companies Mulinex, Ariette, Tefal and Orion is made of high-quality plastic, which means that the device will be more pleasant to the touch, more durable and wear-resistant.

Tefal is a recognized market leader, its household appliances for the kitchen are ergonomic and functional. Mulinex and Ariette show the best value for money on the market. Orion is very similar to Mulinex, and Dex is the most budget option of all. At the same time, yogurt prepared in any of these devices will not differ in any way.

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