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Have you ever opened a mineral water in the car in the summer, hoping to get drunk? Eh, she’s almost hot :). So, in order to enjoy cool water on a trip and store food without the risk of their worthlessness, today we will talk about how to choose a refrigerator

Types of refrigerators

At present, the two most common types auto-refrigerators:

  • Thermoelectric
  • Compressor

Let’s start with thermoelectric. This is a simple design in which a thermoelement is placed. In more complex refrigerators, 2 thermocouples are installed. Such refrigerators have the property of cooling the space inside the refrigerator and heating it. More budget models can cool down to -20° from the environment (that is, the minimum cooling temperature is 0°) and heat up to +65°. In more expensive models, the cooling temperature is -30 °.

What should you pay attention to when choosing? It is very convenient if the lid in such a refrigerator is removable. The whole device is located in the cover, it can be removed and the refrigerator body washed.

It is good if the refrigerator will work both from the cigarette lighter and from the 220 volt network. Please note that the 12 volt cable is long so that you can connect a refrigerator in the trunk.

Not bad if there is a refrigerant in the kit. These are holder batteries that are frozen in the freezer, and if there is no electricity, they will be able to maintain the required temperature in the refrigerator for some time.

Consider compressor refrigerators, and how they differ from thermoelectric. Compressor auto-refrigerators only cool. They have the same principle of operation as in a home refrigerator. The advantage of such a refrigerator is that it can freeze up to -18 ° and you can regulate this temperature, let’s say up to -1 °. This refrigerator has 2 compartments, for freezing and easy cooling.


A thermoelectric refrigerator can both cool and heat the food it contains. The minimum refrigerator temperature is 0°, the maximum heating temperature is +65°. The cost of thermoelectric refrigerators starts from $80.

Compressor refrigerators freeze up to -18 °, they have a temperature control function, the cost of a compressor refrigerator is from $ 800.

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