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The purpose of an electric shaver is to provide smooth and clean skin without causing irritation. Shaving efficiency depends on the manufacturer, the number of knives, the availability of additional features and more.

Electric shavers are ideal for everyday shaving, especially for those with thick beard. However, the shaving performance will depend on the design of the electric razor, the availability of additional features and the manufacturer.

Rotary or mesh devices

Rotary shavers

How to choose an electric shaver

A rotary razor consists of several, usually three, rotating shaving heads. The mechanism of action is as follows: the hairs fall into the protective mesh and are cut off by knives rotating under it.

Shaving efficiency depends on the fit of the device to the cheek, so many models are equipped with floating heads or special silicone pads that provide a closer contact. This type of electric razor is designed to provide the closest possible shave, but is not very suitable for those with thick, long beards.

The fact is that as the outer knives or stators become dull, the razor begins to pull out the hairs from the root. Of course, this causes a lot of pain, but a new set of knives costs about the same as the whole device.

Foil shaver

How to choose an electric shaver

A foil razor consists of an outer mesh and vibrating knives or blades underneath. It easily and quickly cuts hair of any length and density, but cannot provide the same closeness of a shave as a rotary one. Foil shavers can also cause skin irritation.

However, a good quality razor of this type can be more effective than a rotary razor due to the fact that the mesh is much thinner, which means that the fit to the skin should be better. This is also a weakness of the mesh razor, because its surface must be carefully protected in order to avoid possible deformation.

The width, thickness of the mesh, the size of the holes for capturing the hair, the number of knives and their sharpening vary significantly depending on the model and the specific manufacturer.

Expert advice! A rotary razor cuts hairs at the root, but injures sensitive skin. The problem is solved by the use of shaving gel, which is possible for devices that involve wet shaving.

Wet or dry shaving

According to the method of use, all electric shavers can be divided into those that involve only dry shaving, and those with which you can use shaving gels, as well as rinse them with running water. Each of them has its pros and cons.

On the one hand, wet shaving allows you to make it cleaner, on the other hand, there is a possibility that small particles of foam, hair or sebum will remain under the mesh and become a favorable environment for the development of bacteria. With further use, this may lead to irritation of the skin.

How to choose an electric shaver

Dry shaving is mainly characteristic of rotary devices, which must be thoroughly shaken out after the procedure. Self-cleaning models have a special reservoir with a cleaning agent inside. Periodically, it will have to be filled with new ones, so when choosing, you need to pay attention to the cost of these funds, suitable for a particular model. There are also cleaning docks that provide not only washing, but also disinfection and drying. The whole procedure takes about an hour.

What do you need to know about blades?

Regardless of the type of razor, the knives used should be coated with titanium or ceramic, as ordinary stainless steel often causes allergies. It is worth bearing in mind that neither the outer nor the inner blades of an electric razor can be sharpened by yourself. Some manufacturers produce models with self-sharpening knives, but such razors become unusable a little later than regular ones.

How to choose an electric shaver

When choosing a rotary razor, you need to pay attention to the number of external knives (stators): visually, they look like rings with several holes of different sizes. When buying, you also need to find out if there are sets of knives on sale so that they can be replaced, and what their cost is.

Ability to work offline

An electric shaver can only be powered by a mains supply or have a battery. In order to be able to shave at any time and even on the road, you need a device powered by a battery or battery. This is especially true for those whose work involves constant travel. A stand-alone razor may be needed on a long flight with an important meeting immediately after.

How to choose an electric shaver

It is worth paying attention to the type of battery: it can be universal AA or AAA, or individual. In the second case, difficulties may arise if the battery is lost or damaged. This aspect also needs to be paid attention to when buying.

Expert advice! A stand-alone shaver is also much more convenient for everyday home use in the morning, when there is not enough energy to perform additional manipulations in the form of searching for an outlet.

Availability of additional functions

The additional function of an electric shaver in the form of a trimmer is necessary for those who have a mustache or those who have stubble that they are not going to get rid of. The trimmer cuts the hairs to a certain length, it is able to give the desired shape to the mustache or sideburns.

How to choose an electric shaver

Expert advice! Some models are supplied with an additional nozzle for cutting hair on the head — such a purchase is very profitable.

  • Some models have an LCD screen or special indicators that show the battery charge, the need for cleaning, changing knives and other parameters.
  • Dual blade system that lifts and cuts hair at the same time for a closer shave;
  • Electric shavers can have interchangeable modes, that is, manual adjustment of the speed of rotation of the blades;
  • For travelers around the world, the function of adjusting to the level of mains voltage (120 or 240 V) is provided;
  • The package may include a cleaning brush, a case, protective devices, etc.


The price of the device depends on many parameters: the quality of the mesh, the number of discs, the degree of sharpening, moisture resistance, the number of functions, etc. Leading manufacturers of electric shavers are constantly working to improve the technologies and materials used to provide the cleanest shave.

The leader among quality electric shavers is Panasonic, which offers devices for both dry and wet shaving. Philips and Braun are leading manufacturers of home appliances, beauty and health, and electric shavers are no exception.

Expert advice! When choosing a product from one of these manufacturers, there is not much difference: you prefer a rotary or foil electric shaver.

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