Two legacy Motorola Moto 360 smartwatches are known in the Wear OS ecosystem thanks to their completely circular case, which the company was one of the first to use. While waiting for the third version of the device, Motorola made an official announcement debugging the release of the smartwatch. The company argued this by saying that it does not want to produce an almost complete analogue of the second generation with minimal improvements. In return, Motorola has promised to make the device when there is a good reason to do so. Apparently, that time has come.


Pros and cons

A brief introduction to smartwatches.

pros Minuses
Nice and modern design High price
Excellent battery life by Wear OS standards Not the best charger
Full set of GPS, NFC and heart rate sensors Raw Wear OS
Relatively accurate heart rate monitor

general description

The Canadian company eBuyNow has received a license from Motorola to develop Motor 360 brand devices. Despite the transition of the series to another developer, these are the same smart watches loved by many, but with a more modern design and improved performance. In relation to Wear OS of the end of 2019: the model implements the standard features of the operating system, but does not go beyond it.

eBuyNow and Motorola did a good job, the Moto 360 2019 came out really well. Much of this is due to the hardware.

Appearance and body

The basis of the case is made of stainless steel, which gives a stylish and solid appearance. The word «premium» has lost its meaning a little today, but the Moto 360 is in the full sense of the premium category. The compact body accommodates a small 1.2-inch screen. The slightly chunky design looks best on medium to large sized male forearms. On thin female hands it looks somewhat cumbersome.

Now the watch is distributed in 3 color options:

  • steel color with brown leather or black silicone strap;
  • phantom black with dark leather or black silicone strap;
  • rose gold with brown leather or white silicone strap.

The body has 2 buttons on the right side. The top with a rotating head acts as the main key. In appearance, it strongly resembles the analogue of Fossil Gen 5, and this is good. The bottom key is a shortcut key.


In the center is a round AMOLED display. It is very bright and has large viewing angles without distortion. The pixels are not dense enough for a screen with a resolution of 390×390 pixels. You need to be prepared in advance that compared to the Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch Active 2, Moto 360 will look a bit grainy.


It is a little surprising that the Moto 360 has only 1 pre-installed watch face with a proprietary design from Motorola. None of the options from past models are here. From the factory, only the Ustwo Looks watch face is loaded onto the device. There are much more varieties of styles, all 9 of the preset ones support manual tuning.

Some of the clunkiness of the Wear OS platform is forgivable, as the Moto 360 does a good job with its shortcomings. As a bonus, it offers quick access to Google’s voice assistant. Problems with Wear OS still manifest themselves, all due to rare feature updates by developers. They take their time to fix existing bugs and improve performance. Analogues, like watchOS or Samsung Tizen, are updated many times more often.


Smartwatch power and battery life are the weaknesses of Wear OS smartwatches. However, the Moto 360 handles the typical challenges quite well. eBuyNow has built good equipment into smartwatches:

  • chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100;
  • 1 GB of RAM;
  • 8 GB of pre-installed memory;
  • 355 mAh battery.

In terms of performance, the Moto 360 2019 can be compared to Fossil Gen 5 or Galaxy Watch Active 2. There is only a slight lag during voice commands through Google Assistant, but this is common to all Wear OS watches.

Despite a fairly good set of features, the watch lacks several features that have long been present in analogues. This includes a built-in speaker that allows you to hear the assistant’s voice responses or answer calls. There is no LTE modem yet. You will have to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless standards.

Many watches already include smart health and fitness features. Yes, the Moto 360 has a built-in heart rate sensor and GPS module, but there are no additional features. No ECG, heart rate monitor. However, these features can be considered niche, they are more often included in fitness bracelets, like Garmin and Apple. That is why Motorola smartwatches cannot be blamed for the lack of these features.


Battery life is a pleasant experience. With a constantly active display, after 16 hours of use, the watch still had about 40% of the charge. This is quite enough for wearing at night and tracking sleep patterns. If you remember that Wear OS counterparts are already running out of battery by the end of the day, the Moto 360 is holding up pretty well.

The duration of a full charge is only one hour. This is a good value, charging is much faster than most smartwatches on the market.

The charger is irrelevant. Was hoping to see one of the good chargers that usually go with the original Moto 360 1-2 series. The wire is enclosed in a sheath, which is located under the charging washer. It is slightly curved, which is why the watch never stands straight. From the device for 23,000 rubles, a better charger is expected than what comes in the kit.


According to geekhow, the Moto 360 is one of the best Wear OS smartwatches released in 2019. The developers have really done a lot of work on increasing battery life and performance. True, it is not cheap, after all, in Russia for Moto 360 (2019) you will have to pay 23,000 rubles or more. This is 2 times more than most Wear OS counterparts.

The updated Moto 360 is quite enjoyable to use and gives you the best experience with this OS from any device. On the other hand, this is too much for a watch running Wear OS, which is often neglected. The OS has significant issues that call into question the purchase of any smartwatch on this platform. Moto 360 is a great smart watch, if only it would work on a different OS…

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