Rating of the best foundations under the shadow


The best cream eye shadow bases

Wet n wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

This thick and dense base under the shadows is just a godsend for owners of oily eyelid skin. Eye makeup will stay in order for at least 8 hours, and according to some reviews — for 16-20! The primer is neutral beige, when applied to the skin, it completely merges with its tone, leveling the relief and hiding minor imperfections. Eyeshadows with this primer really last all day, do not roll or sink into the crease of the eyelid. The product quickly hardens and becomes velvety matte, so you need to apply shadows quickly, on wet skin, until the desired “stickiness” has disappeared. Girls note that this base works best with dry textures, perfectly enhances their pigmentation and prolongs makeup durability.

Main advantages:

  • slight corrective effect;
  • significantly increases the durability of shadows;
  • economical consumption;
  • democratic price;
  • comfortable tube;
  • relatively large volume;
  • suitable for oily and impending eyelids.

/ ten


I have never had a better eye shadow primer. The eyelid is oily, the shadows rolled down very quickly. With this tool, eye makeup remains the whole working day in its original state. I recommend!

Bell Perfect Skin Eyeshadow Base

The base under the shade of the Polish brand is distinguished by a dense soft texture, non-greasy and velvety. In the jar, the base is pale lilac, on the skin it is transparent. Violet pigment slightly brightens the eyelid and refreshes the look. The product is easily picked up with fingertips and a brush, fits well on the skin and does not stick, it is difficult to overdo it with it. Shadows perfectly «sit down» on this base, show their color brighter, do not crumble and do not roll down within 6-8 hours.

Main advantages:

  • without smell;
  • acceptable durability;
  • inexpensive;
  • pleasant texture;
  • slight corrective effect.
  • dries out over time, it is worse distributed.

/ ten


An unpretentious base that really works, shadows and arrows look brighter and last longer. With Bell, even pale shadows show themselves in a new way!

ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base

The bestseller from the popular German brand shows phenomenal durability and improves the look of any shadow, from luxury to budget. It goes well with loose pigments, revealing their color as much as possible. The product is a pearl base with fine glitter, in a jar it has a shade of champagne, it is transparent on the eyelids. The texture is delicate, mousse, you need to apply it with light whipping movements in the thinnest layer — just like that and nothing else. If you go too far with the base, the shadows will lie unevenly. Unfortunately, the product dries up and thickens in a jar, even if it is tightly closed.

Main advantages:

  • high durability;
  • enhances the saturation of shadows and pigments;
  • there are reflective particles;
  • comfortable texture;
  • very economical;
  • does not dry the skin.
  • dexterity is required when applying;
  • dries quickly;
  • fragrance for an amateur.

/ ten


The base is tested, gives durability and intense color of any shadows, eyeliners and pencils for 12 hours! Cosmetics lays down on the base tightly and keeps on the skin as if nailed until the makeup is removed.

Best liquid eye primers

Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal Liquid Eye Primer

Liquid transparent eye makeup base. The consistency is not quite usual: something between a light oil and plain water. Easy to apply with finger and dries quickly. After drying, it is not felt at all on the skin, does not greasy and does not tighten it. Despite the non-standard texture, this base copes with all tasks perfectly: it allows you to apply shadows (including loose pigments) in an even, dense layer, enhances their brightness and durability. Girls note that even large glitter adheres remarkably to this base. And here is a life hack from the experienced: mix any dry shadows with a drop of this sealer and draw smooth, thin arrows!

Main advantages:

  • wide functionality;
  • suitable for the impending century;
  • ultra-light application;
  • waterproof;
  • without smell.
  • cheap packaging;
  • problem make-up removal.

/ ten


At first I did not believe in this «vodichka». But in vain! It turned out that this is one of the most persistent bases, which literally glues the most problematic shadows to a greasy eyelid. Now this is my must have!

Catrice Eye Foundation Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

The popular primer is available in two shades: beige with a matte finish and pink with a pearly finish. When applied to the skin, the original color is completely dissipated, leveling its tone. The texture is liquid, gliding, spreads well and dries very quickly (20-30 seconds). After complete drying, any cosmetics perfectly fit on it, from loose to oily and creamy. The product has a good flock applicator with a solid base. Thanks to the successful limiter on the tube, he is gaining the product in a dosed manner. Girls praise the Cartice base for its high durability: the shadows last until the evening, do not roll and do not disappear from the skin. The base is claimed to be waterproof, but in reality, moisture resistance is not high.

Main advantages:

  • cares for the skin thanks to shea butter;
  • two shades in the palette;
  • quality applicator;
  • excellent durability;
  • universal base for different types of cosmetics;
  • affordable price.
  • not everyone likes the smell;
  • water resistance is weak.

/ ten


With this base, the shadows last for a surprisingly long time, they don’t float, they don’t flow, and I dyed both in the wild heat and in the club. With it, even failed shadows in your makeup bag will become bright and persistent!