The best toys for children 3 years old


The best musical toys for children 3 years old

Children’s electronic piano with microphone

The electronic children’s piano is a small copy of a real instrument, which is very popular with children. Toddlers have a lot of fun pressing different keys, extracting sounds. In addition, such instruments have a mode for listening to melodies, and, importantly, there is a real microphone. The child will really like to sing in it, especially to the accompaniment. As you know, singing is an excellent breathing exercise that brings a lot of benefits and joy, together with the game it helps to develop an ear for music, a child’s speech, and improve diction. After music lessons, it is recommended to clean the instrument.

Expert opinion: «Singing is very important for children and they really need to be practiced. Funny children’s songs can charge the baby with positive emotions, they have a positive effect on the child’s nervous system, develop his memory and attention, are an excellent basis for the development of a child’s speech, strengthening the vocal apparatus and improving diction. Scientists, as a result of many observations and studies, have proven the enormous benefits of singing for the human body, its physical and spiritual health”, Guryanova N. A. “The benefits of singing and proper breathing for health from an early age«.

Main advantages:

  • develops musical ear;
  • promotes the development of speech and diction.

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The best play sets for role-playing games for kids 3 years old

Doctor’s set

For a baby at 3 years old, the moment of interaction with other people, including peers, is extremely important. At the same time, children begin to copy the activities of adults, including professional ones. The doctor’s set is one of the best educational toys for children aged 3, as it allows the child to treat toys and family members on his own, learn the names and principles of the main tools, and play in the hospital with his friends, distributing certain roles. This way of interaction is very important for the development of intelligence, emotional sphere and imagination. The moral qualities of the child are brought up, because the patient must be pitied and try to help him. In addition, by working through some unpleasant medical procedures and manipulations together with adults in the game, the child can get rid of the fear of visiting a doctor.

Expert opinion: «As the studies of many psychologists show, it is the role-playing game of a preschooler that determines the formation of the main neoplasms of this age, sets personal meanings that encourage activity. This game is of particular importance for the formation of the motivational sphere, the arbitrariness of the child and the preschooler’s readiness for school.«. Chupeeva N.S., «Role-playing game and its importance for the formation of children’s readiness for school»

Main advantages:

  • promotes socialization;
  • promotes mental development;
  • can be used in the game with adults and peers.

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The best educational toys for children 2 years old


Modeling is the best educational game for a child of 3 years old, because with the help of it the baby uses both hands, developing the strength of the fingers, motor skills, which is directly related to the development of the brain. The child, being engaged in creative activity, develops imagination, learns to concentrate on the lesson. Of course, good children’s plasticine should be safe, and for parents it is desirable that it gets dirty a little and is easy to clean. Its consistency should be soft enough for small hands.

Expert opinion: «In addition to basic motor skills, modeling develops determination, perseverance and accuracy. Working on three-dimensional images, children study the characteristic features of objects, clarify details, comprehend the main qualities of objects. They form knowledge about the properties and laws of the world around them, train visual perception. Modeling plays a significant role in the aesthetic education of the baby and the development of his sense of beauty.«. A group of teachers of the Center for Development and Education «Elitora».

As an example, we have given a play set from Play-Doh. Play-Doh clays are known worldwide for their safety, ease of use, and amazing play sets that allow a child not only to sculpt, but also open up scope for imagination. Thanks to various interesting tools, presses and shapes, the child can play as a cook, hairdresser, builder designer and even a dentist. For example, the Cake Factory set will allow you to create beautiful cakes and decorate them with icing. It includes a mini-bakery, tools, utensils, molds and a special syringe.

Plasticine, not put into jars, freezes, so the created masterpieces will not be lost and can be used for further games.

Main advantages:

  • develops fine motor skills;
  • soothes;
  • teaches how to work with the tool;
  • develops imagination;
  • promotes socialization.
  • not suitable for creating complex shapes.

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Magnetic constructor

Construction is a very important activity for a child, which helps to improve motor skills, coordination, spatial thinking and imagination, and allows you to learn to distinguish colors and shapes. You can create both flat applications and more complex designs.

The magnetic designer consists of bright large parts that easily stick to each other on either side. They do not have sharp corners and are absolutely safe for a child of any age.

Expert opinion:«Design classes are very important for the baby. This type of activity not only gives the child pleasure, but also contributes to his comprehensive development — the baby learns to distinguish the signs of an object (color, shape, size, texture), cognitive and practical actions are formed in him. In addition, design classes teach the child to be inquisitive in learning new things, develop attention, thinking and creativity of the individual, teach them to look for different ways to solve a practical problem, find and correct mistakes, and have a beneficial effect on the development of fine motor skills of hands.«. E. A. Yanushko is a teacher, psychologist, speech therapist, author of methods for the development and education of children.

Main advantages:

  • safe for a child of any age;
  • develops logical and spatial thinking;
  • helps to learn forms;
  • develops motor skills.
  • high price.

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Reusable stickers

At 3 years old, the baby can already independently examine the book, and his perseverance is enough for tabletop activities with his parents. At this age, reusable stickers can become the simplest, but very exciting game. Perhaps mom will need to be nearby to help peel off this or that sticker and explain the task. Such joint activities have a beneficial effect on the development of the child. Train concentration, memory, accuracy. A strong adhesive base will help correct the error if the sticker is not attached correctly. Bright design and interesting pictures will allow you to have fun and learn the material well. The kid can easily learn concepts such as «more-less», «higher-lower», «one-many» and others.

Expert opinion: «The leading activity of preschool children is play activity. A didactic game is a verbose, complex, pedagogical phenomenon: it is both a game method of teaching preschool children, and a form of teaching children, and an independent game activity, and a means of comprehensive education of a child.«, Salybaeva A. R. «Didactic game, its role in the development of preschoolers»

Main advantages:

  • trains perseverance;
  • develops the ability to concentrate;
  • The game teaches the material easily and quickly.
  • parental help is needed.

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Educational posters

A great view of modern educational games is sound posters. Education is based on two types of information presentation: in one mode, by clicking on a certain picture, the child receives certain information (for example, the name of a letter, an animal, or some kind of story). When switching to the exam mode, the child must listen to the question and find the necessary picture himself. Such tasks are very interesting for kids of 3 years old, in addition to the cognitive function, they will help to keep the child engaged in independent activities for a long time.

Main advantages:

  • helps in an easy and interesting way to study various materials;
  • independent activity is possible.
  • trains only sound and visual perception;
  • the child may quickly lose interest.

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