The best PVC linoleum for home and office


Tarkett, the world’s largest manufacturer of flooring materials with a 130-year history, produces one of the highest quality and most durable coatings — PVC linoleum. Its factories are open all over the world, including in Russia. Since 1995, a plant has been operating in the city of Otradny, Samara Region, for the production of:

  • Household roll floors designed for residential use;
  • Semi-commercial materials used in medium traffic areas (offices, halls, conference rooms);
  • Commercial homogeneous (homogeneous) and heterogeneous (multilayer) flexible PVC used for commercial, commercial, industrial facilities.

In domestic stores, Tarkett products are sold under 4 brands:

  1. Tarkett — the most expensive segment of the best high-quality linoleum 23, 31-33 and 41-43 classes. The assortment includes more than 20 collections for domestic, semi-commercial, commercial and special purposes. A characteristic feature of the series is the variety of designs, as well as an interesting appearance with a plausible imitation of the textured surface of parquet, solid board, porcelain stoneware, etc.
  2. Sinteros — a budget option for household and commercial PVC coatings of 21-23, 31-34 classes. The advantages of linoleum are versatility, practicality and durability. An analogue of this line is the products of the Ukrainian plant Vinisin.
  3. Polystyle — vinyl material of 23, 31-34 and 41 classes, combining an affordable price and Tarkett quality. Available in 6 collections, the assortment is chosen so that each design can be used in any type of premises.

Thus, the Tarkett company produces high-quality PVC linoleum in a huge assortment for every taste, color and budget.

Main advantages:

  • The high level of resistance of linoleum to abrasion and tensile loads. Thanks to a transparent polyurethane tarnsparent and additional protective coatings Extreme Protection, Titanium, R.MAX and others, the surface of the material is inert to water, aggressive household chemicals, abrasives, and shoes. And the use as part of fiberglass ensures the stability of the floor finish to deforming factors.
  • Sanitary and hygienic, fire safety and environmental friendliness. Tarkett’s products are the only ones in the Russian Federation that have received the Leaf of Life voluntary eco-testing certificate.
  • A huge selection of designs and structures for parquet, solid board, marble, ceramics, natural stone, textiles and much more. There are more than 1000 decors in various shades in the assortment.
  • Possibility to choose felt-based linoleum or foam-based PVC. The first is warmer, recommended for use on the screed. The second is universal.
  • Approved for use in preschool, educational and medical institutions.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Available in many collections price.
  • Long service life — from 10 to 40 years.
  • High cost of specialized products;
  • Budget products at first exude an unpleasant odor, which quickly disappears.

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They laid Tarket linoleum under the laminate in the apartment. It looks so believable, even rough to the touch, that no one believes that this is not a board, but just PVC. Very good linoleum, easy to clean, dense, not slippery, does not rattle when walking.


Almost 110 years ago, a tarpaulin and oilcloth factory was opened in Hungary. Gradually developing, the company has grown into a group of companies of 4 factories that produce floor and wall coverings made of wood and PVC, including a good popular linoleum under the Grabo brand.

The company focused on specialized coatings, including:

  • Transport roll vinyl;
  • Sports elastic products;
  • Acoustic and bacteriostatic products;
  • Anti-slip coatings;
  • Homogeneous and heterogeneous industrial PVC;

The assortment also includes a good selection of household coatings for residential and public buildings of 21-23 and 31-32 wear resistance classes. Foamed vinyl or a non-woven fabric made of PE threads is used as a base, forming a warm, noise-dissipating layer — synthetic felt.

Main advantages:

  • High quality products that comply with European CE safety and health certification standards.
  • Wear-resistant coating with anti-slip embossing. Fiberglass is included between the top and base layers to prevent deformations.
  • A great selection of diverse designs, from classic board and ceramics to avant-garde prints. Such series as children’s, main and others are interesting.
  • Easy maintenance and easy styling.
  • Optimal price for specialized and household coatings.
  • Service life — from 10 to 25 years.
  • Small selection in Russian stores. The decors you like will have to wait at least a month.
  • You can not use linoleum on «electric underfloor heating» systems.
  • It is advisable to use special care chemicals, as over time, dirt can eat into the surface.

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In order not to insulate the floor, we chose Grabo linoleum on a combined basis — PVC and felt. The cold from the concrete is practically not felt, the color is pleasant, the smell has disappeared in the first few days.


The history of the concern has almost eight decades. During this time, the company has grown from a small-town plant for the production of packaging materials into one of the largest European manufacturers of PVC linoleum. Since 2009, one of the factories has been opened in Russia (Kameshkovo, Vladimir region). At its own facilities, a new project was launched — the manufacture of budgetary roll coatings under the Ideal brand.

Thus, today you can find products of the concern under several brands:

  • Juteks (Belgium, Slovenia, Russia);
  • beauflor (Slovenia, Russia);
  • Ideal (RF).

In assortment vinyl linoleum of household, semi-commercial and commercial appointment. That is, all types of classes, from 21 to 34. For expensive collections, textured anti-slip embossing is used. Economy class PVC flooring has a low price and acceptable quality.

Main advantages:

  • Excellent wear resistance of the top layer to water and abrasion loads due to the use of various protective coatings Protective Coating, Wear Resistant, PU Guard. Fiberglass is used as the middle layer, which prevents stretching and tearing of products.
  • Certification of the sanitary and hygienic condition and fire safety of PVC linoleum. Some collections (Imperator, Forum) undergo voluntary environmental testing.
  • More than 40 collections with a variety of plain and textured wood, cork, artificial and natural stone decors.
  • Release of vinyl on two types of bases: polyester (warm felt) and foamed PVC.
  • Ease of care and styling.
  • Acceptable price of household and semi-commercial series.
  • In economy collections, there is a low density of the base, a slippery surface and an unpleasant odor that disappears for a long time.
  • High price for premium lines.
  • Embossed surfaces can become contaminated with dirt, so it is necessary to purchase PVC care products in advance.
  • Cannot be used in combination with electric floor heating.

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They took Yutex linoleum from an expensive series. Cheap did not inspire confidence, too loose structure. But this one is quite dense, easy to sweep and wash. Furniture legs and chair wheels do not leave any marks such as scratches and dents.

The best natural linoleum


One of the divisions of the Forbo group of companies is the Forbo Flooring Systems concern. The main direction of its activity is a series of floor coverings for all types of premises.

For more than 20 years, the company has been a leader in the production of natural linoleum. This product has been produced by 7 European factories since 1928 under the Marmoleum brand. In 2012, a similar plant was opened in the Kaluga region.

Marmoleum is made from:

  • Linseed oil;
  • Pine resin;
  • ground limestone;
  • wood flour;
  • jute base;
  • special pigments.

Linseed oil and pine resin are mixed in special vats, heated, then limestone, flour and pigments are added. The formed colored granulate is pressed onto a jute cloth and goes through a long drying stage. The resulting product is marmoleum. Available in the following load classes:

  • 21-23 (for home use);
  • 31-34 (offices, conference rooms, trade structures);
  • 41-43 (premises with intensive loads — industrial facilities, public and commercial buildings).

It is because of the composition that Forbo linoleum has a number of advantages over competitors:

  • 100% natural and environmentally friendly;
  • Bacteriostatic and color fastness.
  • Extensive choice of designs — more than 300 types of plain and multi-colored decors for marble, board, natural stone, flock, etc. The range even includes fantasy and abstract collections.
  • High wear resistance without the need for additional protection.
  • Heat capacity and stability of linear dimensions.
  • Approval for use in medical institutions and children’s organizations.
  • Continuous quality control and certification for compliance with sanitary, environmental and fire safety standards.
  • Easy installation and easy maintenance.
  • Long service life even under heavy loads — up to 30 years.
  • High price.
  • The need to wait for the order of many decors within a month.
  • Excessive requirements for the base — a perfectly smooth, polished wet or dry prefabricated screed, the absence of drops, pits and tubercles.

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We bought marmoleum for the children’s room. The material is pleasantly warm and dense. During the laying process, I had to suffer a little, because the coating is quite heavy, it is difficult to stick it alone. But the result pleased me — beautifully, the color is not too bright, there is an unobtrusive pleasant smell in the room, like from aromatic oil.

The best inexpensive linoleum

Comitex LIN

The plant for the production of rolled PVC products began its activity in 2002 in the Republic of Komi, Syktyvkar. For production needs, a line for the production of a non-woven base from polyester was launched. The calendered laminated film is purchased from one of the largest factories in China.

Komitex JSC is a full member of EDANA (European Hygiene and Nonwovens Manufacturers Association) and ASINEM (Nonwovens Manufacturers Association). All products are certified in accordance with Russian standards of sanitary, hygienic and fire safety.

Linoleum Komiteks corresponds to 21-23 and 31-32 abrasion classes, is available in a standard set:

  • Household PVC coatings in 5 collections;
  • Semi-commercial roll products of 3 series;
  • 1 line of commercial heterogeneous vinyl.

All products have a non-woven (felt) base, so it is undesirable to use it for wet rooms.

Main advantages:

  • The top layer is resistant to water, household chemicals, foot traffic.
  • Certification of individual collections is carried out for compliance with the production technical regulations, as well as sanitary and hygienic conditions.
  • The assortment includes 9 collections of classic decors imitating marble chips, wood and ceramics.
  • Easy maintenance, simple installation.
  • Reasonable price for all series.
  • Service life — from 5 to 15 years.
  • The low level of coating density, due to which dents and creases quickly appear on the surface.
  • Short service life of household PVC products.
  • The unpleasant smell disappears for a long time.
  • Cannot be used in combination with floor heating systems.

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Komitex was chosen for temporary flooring. It is easy to lay it, but the unpleasant pungent smell is almost impossible to remove. Washing with soda or vinegar solutions does not help. Dents from chairs quickly form.

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