Knitting needles ChiaoGoo

ChiaoGoo needles are made in China. The manufacturer has a series of bamboo and surgical steel. The assortment includes circular options with a straight or curved connection, stocking sets, sets, separate removable knitting needles, additional fishing lines. The brand has a special system of detachable kits — only the corresponding cables are suitable for the Small, Complete, Large kits.

Needlewomen, for whom knitting is a favorite hobby or work, often choose ChiaoGoo sets as their main tools. The variety of the assortment is not comparable with KnitPro, but the knitting needles are very comfortable to use and do not have significant disadvantages.

To get acquainted with the brand, you can purchase the ChiaoGoo Lace series — they have a smooth surface, a sharp tip and a soft line-cable covered with nylon.

Main advantages:

  • durable material;
  • excellent polishing, impeccable connection of the knitting needle and fishing line;
  • the cable in a nylon braid is soft, does not twist or break;
  • the size is applied to the surface with a laser and will not be erased over time;
  • ideal for knitting using the magic loop method.

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ChiaoGoo knitting needles are very pleasant to hold in your hands, they fit faster than on other tools — the loops do not cling anywhere, they glide perfectly. The fishing line does not unscrew and does not twist — I knit two sleeves at the same time, the loops do not stretch in places of stretching.

Needles KnitPro

Next in our ranking of the best knitting needles is the KnitPro brand. No manufacturer has such a wide range of knitting needles for any yarn and knitting technique as the Indian company KnitPro — different types of wood, metal, acrylic, even carbon fiber knitting needles. The most popular brand line is KnitPro Symfonie. They are made from multicolor laminated birch. In this series there are classic straight, hosiery, circular detachable and one-piece tools, sets. The KnitPro Symfonie needles feature a smooth surface with a moderately sharp tip. They sit comfortably in the hand, emit a pleasant soothing knock while knitting.

The Cubics line is also made of birch, but has one significant difference — they are square in cross section. Due to the peculiar tension of the thread, the loops of the knitted fabric are more even. They are suitable for beginner knitters who do not yet know how to adjust the thread tension. They will also be appreciated by needlewomen knitting loosely.

In all lines, the Knit Pro brand offers sets of removable knitting needles. It is not difficult to buy a pair of the right size or from another material for them: the cartridges for all the lines are the same, the fishing lines are used the same for all sets.

Pros of Knit Pro tools:

  • it is possible to choose the material of the tool for any yarn, knitting style;
  • high-quality coverage;
  • fishing lines of medium hardness have an even joint with a knitting needle;
  • widely distributed in stores;
  • nice design, suitable as a gift.

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It seems to me that the Symfonie and Ginger tree series are among the most comfortable to work with. They feel the warmth of natural material, and the surface is suitable for slippery yarn with silk, viscose, and coarse wool.

Spokes Addi

Under the Addi brand, good basic knitting needles are produced for beginners and professionals. The manufacturer offers a wide range of tools from different materials: aluminum, brass, plastic, bamboo, olive wood. For beginners, the Addi super-smooth or Addi Lace lines with an elongated tip are suitable. Super smooth ones have a blunter tip. With the sharp tip of Addi Lace, it is easier to pick up tightly typed loops and, for example, work with thin fluffy yarn — mohair, angora.

For masters who knit often and a lot, a set of removable knitting needles — Addi Click is suitable. The kit consists of knitting needles of different sizes and several fishing lines that are inserted into the cartridge using a special mechanism.

For connoisseurs of unusual knitting needles, we recommend trying the Addi Novel line. The surface has ribbed edges — the loops knit more evenly, and the relief massages the fingertips.

Main advantages:

  • variety of series by material;
  • good grinding;
  • lines with memory effect, but soft enough, do not twist;
  • available in most specialized stores, marketplaces.
  • not always a smooth connection of the knitting needle and fishing line: there are burrs, “steps”;
  • the fishing line is inconvenient for the “magic loop” technique (a method of knitting two circular parts at the same time on the same knitting needles).

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Good spokes of the average price category. For many years I have been knitting in a series with a red fishing line, it suits me because of the slipperiness and sharpness of the tip. The cover darkens over time if left unknitted for a long time, but polishes against the yarn and becomes like new again.

Clover spokes

The Japanese brand Clover produces knitting needles, hooks and accessories for knitting. Clover hooks are especially popular with craftswomen who knit clothes, amigurumi toys and accessories — they are loved for their comfortable ergonomic Soft Touch handle. Clover needles are made only from bamboo. Available in straight, stocking and circular needles. They are strong, light and well polished. The ends of the spokes are processed using a special technology, moderately sharp and smooth. Bamboo is suitable for knitting products from slippery yarn. This includes silk, viscose, modal, merino wool, some mixed compositions. It will not be possible to quickly knit coarse sheep’s wool or fluffy mohair on such knitting needles — they are not slippery enough and “slow down” the thread.

The objective disadvantages of Clover knitting needles can only be attributed to the lack of diversity in materials. Bamboo knitting needles are suitable for craftswomen who do not like overly slippery tools. They are also convenient for knitting socks, since hosiery metal knitting needles have a problem of falling out of loops with low tension. Cheap knitting needles made of bamboo do not differ in high-quality connection of the knitting needle and fishing line. The surface can also have poor-quality grinding, there are even specimens with burrs.

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It is convenient to knit yarn with cotton with bamboo needles. Steel, aluminum tools when knitting from such yarn give uneven loops. Another plus is that Asian aesthetics are felt both in the knitting needles themselves and in the packaging. Very beautiful and pleasant to the touch.

Prym spokes

The German company Prym produces knitting needles made of steel, Teflon-coated aluminum, wood, and plastic. Two lines of tools deserve attention — Natural and Ergonomics.

Prym Natural needles are a collaboration with the KnitPro brand. The series includes wooden knitting needles: circular detachable needles and sets of sharp-edged stocking needles. The needles are made at the KnitPro factory in India and are very reminiscent of their wooden rulers, such as Symfonie. Medium sharp needles have a nice smooth finish. The junction of the cartridge and fishing line is made with high quality, does not catch the loops. The series is very similar in quality to KnitPro knitting needles, but you can buy them at a lower price.

Ergonomics spokes are made of high quality plastic. They have three interesting features:

  • are triangular in cross section. According to the manufacturer’s idea, they are more comfortable in the hand, the fingers do not hurt after a long knitting;
  • the tip is teardrop shaped and works like a «hook», grabbing the loop.
  • smooth and very light, silent in operation.

Knitting needles from this series can be recommended for beginners — with a teardrop tip it is easier to grab the thread. Also, the triangular shape has a positive effect on the tension of the thread: the “row” of the fabric decreases during turning knitting (it appears due to the different pickup of the loop when knitting the front and back loops). Masters with experience have conflicting reviews about this line: for some, they are too plastic and bend during work, and not everyone liked the idea with a tip.

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Most often, I use Natural needles in my work. They have the most comfortable tip for me, they are suitable for sliding to most yarn compositions. Ergonomics seemed too light for me.

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