Rating of the best crochet hooks


Hooks Tulip

We give 1st place in the ranking of the best to Japanese Tulip hooks. The manufacturer’s assortment includes series made of plastic, aluminum, bamboo, steel, with a rubberized handle. In addition to classic hooks, Tunisian knitting tools and kits are also produced. All the tools of this brand are distinguished by excellent coating quality, a sharp hook head and a comfortable handle.

The hallmark of the brand is hooks with Soft Touch handles. They are sold both individually and in sets. Needlewomen who have not tried tools with silicone handles before can first purchase one running number to try. In addition to hooks, some kits include Italian scissors and a pair of sewing needles.

The Tulip Etimo series is available in black, pink, red, blue. The handles of the Tulip Etimo Rose collection are made in shades of pink, the color saturation differs from the number of the hook (from pastel pink to fuchsia). The handle is made of special rubber, the design reduces the load on the fingers. The shape of the handle is designed so that it is convenient to knit with different hook grips (like a pen, knitting needle or knife)

The Tulip Etimo Red series, in addition to the red handle, has a red matte finish on the metal itself. It looks very unusual and stylish, and the manufacturer has specially provided a matte finish for the coating so that the metal does not glare.

Main advantages:

  • smooth, polished tip;
  • ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in the hand;
  • quality material;
  • stylish design.

/ ten


There is a feeling that the hook «knits itself.» These are premium quality tools. The hook is light, not felt in the hand. The head easily enters the canvas, but it does not prick the finger. Before that, cheap hooks rubbed my hand.

Clover Hooks

2nd place in the ranking of the best hooks was taken by another Japanese brand. Under the Clover brand, 3 series of instruments are produced: Soft Touch with an orange handle, Amur with multi-colored handles and Tunisian double-sided models made of bamboo.

The Soft Touch series is the brand’s most popular, designed in such a way that the hands do not get tired even after long knitting sessions. The plastic handle with soft finger pad is designed for comfortable gripping the hook in any way.

Clover Amur is a series of instruments with colorful handles. Each size has its own color. The shape of the handle conforms to the natural curves of the hand. The hooks of this series are slightly longer than Soft Touch. The collection has all the advantages of Clover tools: a comfortable ergonomic handle, a smooth coating of the hook itself and a sharp tip.

A feature of Clover hooks is that the tool numbers differ from domestic ones by 0.25 mm; when buying, you should look not at the number on the blister, but at the size in millimeters.

Clover tools are very popular among knitters, with almost no negative reviews.

/ ten


Excellent hooks, very reliable and strong. I’ve been using orange handle hooks for many years. But beware of fakes: real hooks come in a branded blister, and “CLOVER JAPAN” should be engraved on the handle.

Hooks KnitPro

3rd place in the ranking goes to Indian KnitPro hooks. All thanks to the quality of the materials used and the variety of series. Among 10 collections of aluminum, wooden, bamboo, acrylic hooks, every knitter will find the right tool for herself. The KnitPro hook collections follow their basic knitting collections.

The KnitPro range of hooks includes classic, double ended and detachable Tunisian hooks. Metal one-piece hooks and options with rubberized handles are suitable for any type of knitting. For interior knitting of rugs and baskets from knitted yarn, wooden and acrylic hooks will be convenient. They are durable, while large numbers weigh little. Fingers and hand do not get tired. KnitPro have developed a special Jumbo series for thick yarns. The tools are made of birch, the size range is from 20 mm to 35 mm.

An analogue of Tulip and Clover hooks is a series with ergonomic KnitPro Waves handles. The handles are made of brightly colored soft rubber and are designed for a comfortable hook position while crocheting. The cost of these hooks is lower than that of Japanese ones, so they are suitable for beginners and for craftswomen who knit mainly with knitting needles.

For those who are just starting to crochet, we can recommend the “basic” inexpensive rulers — Basix made of beech and metal hooks without Aluminum handle.

/ ten


Very comfortable hook, the handle is pleasant to the touch. The finger does not get tired.