Fountain ink pen Tramol F10: write and draw with ink

Hi all. Today on the review I have a product that is not quite thematic for the site. I want to talk about the Tramol F10 ink fountain pen. But, on the other hand, we are all people who are fond of something. At some point, I realized that I want an ink pen for myself. With a pen. This topic interested me very much. Began to watch videos on YouTube, began to read reviews. And I decided to try the popular and inexpensive Tramol F10 pen. This is a pen for beginners, so to speak, quite well suited to the definition of price / quality.

I’ll tell you right away. This pen has no benefit, advantage or anything else compared to conventional roller or gel pens. Well, except that only it is more pleasant for her to write. This is my blessing, so to speak. But I will try to tell you about it.

Handle Tramol F10 refers to the handles so to speak eye dropper, or simply handle the tank. This is a colloquial name for pens in which the barrel (hollow body) is used entirely as an ink tank. The advantage of this solution is the large volume of ink and ease of refilling.

I ordered a pen on Ali on the basis of the «cheapest offer» principle. Well, plus I also looked at the reviews.

The pen arrived pretty quickly. But I was upset that the packaging had a clearly non-gifty appearance:

The mail is merciless to such boxes. Or maybe not mail, or maybe the Chinese have already packed such a box. This we do not know.

Inside the box was a pen, and a pipette for refilling the pen with ink:

Some people do not like such pipettes, and prefer to use syringes for refilling. But it’s convenient for me with a pipette:

The pen itself is relatively simple. Hollow acrylic body, cap, and metal pen tip:

This is what the pen looks like disassembled:

The kit also includes a converter with a spring.

The thickness of the pen I chose EF

In general, the assembly is good, acrylic without flaws. No cracks or flashes were noticed.

Refilling the pen is pretty easy. Especially with the converter. Just dip its tip into a jar of ink, and twist the stem.

Speaking of ink. I also ordered them from aliexpress. Produced by ZYCC. The color chosen is Dark Blue. 15ml of ink cost me $2.6

Ink ZYCC 15ml

The jar is very small. In order to prevent the ink from running out of the can during delivery, there is a sticker:

The properties of the ink are good. But to be honest, I didn’t like the color, after drying it goes black with its shade. And I would like the color to be blue.

This is what a refilled pen with a converter refill looks like:

Here, by the way, you can see that the cap at the pen is made with a cylinder inserted inside, which locks the ink inside. Even if they start to pour through the feather, they will not flow out anywhere. A trifle, but nice.

As for the pen itself, it is metal here, as I wrote above, the size is EF

The handle is quite comfortable in the hand. It may seem that it is slightly thick, but the hand quickly gets used to it:

As for the letter itself, I liked it. The pen glides very smoothly over the paper, and the writing process itself can be called bewitching. It is interesting to watch how the ink spreads slightly, and then dries up. Writing with this pen is more pleasant than a regular ballpoint pen.

Above you can see several spellings. Fast and slow. The pen does not make mistakes, the ink flows evenly, without gaps. The text and the line of the letter are even. The ink itself, though spread, but not much. And they dry out pretty quickly. Literally two seconds after the text is written, it is no longer smeared.

The pen allows you to write both large sweeping text and small:

You can also write with the back of the pen. In this case, the ink lays down on the paper well, but the resistance of the pen and the slight scratching of the paper are felt.

Well, for the sake of interest, I tried the pen in drawing. I also like the result:

The handle performed very well. Lines of medium thickness, writes and draws softly on plain paper:

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If you have a desire to try a fountain pen, then you should pay attention to the Tramol F10. This is a pen that is inexpensive but gives you an idea of ​​writing with ink. This is an excellent representative of its class. Well made and definitely worth the money.

I am personally completely satisfied with the purchase. Even though I don’t write with a pen every day, I still carry it with me. It has its own charm and charm. And I love it. I am also now choosing a few more pens for myself, but more expensive, with a metal case. It seems to me that acrylic is not durable in such cases. But the metal to gather this handle are several times more expensive. This must be taken into account.