Huawei Watch GT Cyber ​​launched, the world’s first detachable screen smartwatch

The other day, Huawei introduced a new unusual device — a smart watch with the world’s first detachable screen. At the moment, this unique novelty has two distinctive features. Firstly, the smart watch received a striking design, which, according to the developers, was ahead of its time. Whether this is really so, buyers will decide. Secondly, the smart watch has a very original design of the screen.

The case in the watch is shockproof and waterproof, withstands immersion to a depth of 50 meters. The strap in the model is not standard, it is a one-piece design and cannot be adjusted on the sides, like a regular smart watch like Apple. The company offers several types of straps in a sporty and classic style. The watch supports all popular smart functions, tracks activity, counts calories burned, distance traveled, monitors the level of oxygen in the blood, etc.

The price of a novelty is about 11 thousand rubles. The kit comes with only one strap, for an additional one you will have to pay 1600 rubles. The start of sales in China is already November 10th.