Mechanical watch with automatic winding for 868 rubles. Brief review and impressions

Of course, in decent circles, it is not customary for men to talk about this, but still this is a precedent, and therefore, at least in a nutshell, you need to go through this watch. Moreover, they have one interesting feature, which we will focus on.

Forsining is a watch from China, but they are notable for the fact that already in Russia they cost (cost) 860 rubles, which is nonsense for a mechanical watch, but magic with automatic winding. The watch is included in the pool along with Winner, which I wrote about, and Fngeen, which … I wrote about.

Obviously, they get to the marketplaces from the Sadovod market, they don’t pass any quality check, and who will have any complaints about the quality when buying such watches? Obviously, neither aesthetic pleasure nor the exact time can be seen, after all!

And yet the idea that you need to take and understand. And then, of course, forgive. Didn’t let go. Moreover, this is the only machine for such a ridiculous cost.


This is a rather artisanal copy of Ublo. The skeleton watch has a web on the dial that is not part of the movement, but the disguise is quite decent for the money.

Overhead Arabic numerals and indices are located on it, and they alternate. Here it can be noted that the bolts on the faceted bezel also alternate, located exactly opposite the numbers, which in general even makes up some kind of composition.

As far as I can tell, there are no scratches on the bezel, but a satin finish to make it look more expensive, because the Ublo design of this watch is clearly cheap. I must admit that at this point everything is still quite good, but the most interesting, of course, is the mechanism.

So the rotor of this watch does not start!

Caliber identification is difficult. Most likely this is one of those movements, which is called the “Chinese base”, and everything is fine with it, but the automatic winding is actually fictitious. The opinions of experts are divided, and either the rotor is too light or too tight, but the watch is wound only by hand.

By the way, there are no problems with this, and they were enough for a couple of days, and if you wind it up, they will walk longer, but a sudden stop is a characteristic feature of this automatic winding model, both on the hand and in the winder … a review that you don’t believe me, but I also wrote.

The caliber itself is simple, has nothing outstanding. There is no date here by the definition of a skeleton, there is no stop-second here either. The back cover is screwed down and it is transparent.

On the one hand, the target audience of these models is absolutely not obvious to me, on the other hand, this is still an amusing experiment that costs nothing (well, except for 860 rubles), but the experiment is initially hopeless. Several additional angles, a watch on the hand and dimensions are in the video.

Thank you for your attention, and let me remind you that in the signature there are links to TG and VK for those who are interested in notes about watches.