Review of Eurcool chest bags: for tablet, gadgets and various small things

Today I want to show some compact chest bags that are convenient to use in an urban environment for everyday life. It is convenient to place in such a bag: a tablet or an e-book, a smartphone, wireless headphones, a power bank, as well as other small things, such as a wallet, keys or a lighter. There is also a bottle of water and a small snack. In general, everything that we use on a daily basis on an ongoing basis. At the same time, the bags are more compact than urban backpacks and are worn on one strap, across the chest (hence the name). I chose and tested 3 of the most interesting, but diverse models that may be of interest to a typical city dweller.

I’ll start with the most compact bag, which I position for myself as a «solution for every day.» That is, it is convenient to go to work or take small walks with it. But before moving on to the bag itself, I would like to say just a few words about the packaging. More precisely, about its almost complete absence. All bags are delivered in ordinary bags with the inscription «made in china», which are then in turn folded into another tighter black bag.

And if for soft bags this method of packaging is quite acceptable, then a bag with a hard plastic “shell” received minor damage in the form of a plastic jam along the way. The shell has an angular geometric design and is made of medium-hard plastic, which allows you to keep a given shape.

The bag can be worn both on the chest and on the back, and the miniature size does not restrict your movements.

Let’s look at the content. The main compartment allows you to place an impressive set of necessary things, for example: headphones, charger, foldable umbrella, etc. For the power bank, there is a separate department and a cable that is connected to an external connector. Many different small pockets that allow you to organize the interior space. A half liter bottle of water fits freely in the main compartment. The gadget compartment allows you to fit an e-reader or a small tablet with a diagonal of 8″ to 10″, such as the iPad Pro 9.7″.

The back of the bag has a soft breathable lining. The strap is adjustable in length, and there is a slight thickening in the shoulder area for greater comfort.

There is also a secure pocket that closes with the body. It is usually used for especially valuable things, such as a smartphone or wallet.

The strap has a eyeglass loop and a small pocket that can be used for frequently used items such as a lighter, credit card or keys. The length of the pocket is 12.5 cm, even long keys fit.

In addition to the strap, there is also a small handle for which it is convenient to hold the bag or hang it on a hook.

On the side you can see the USB connector, which is tightly closed with a plastic plug. You can always recharge your smartphone / tablet in transport or just on the go without getting a power bank.

On the opposite side, you can see the TSA code lock, which allows you to block access to the main compartment. This bag is also convenient for travelers when there may be important documents and money inside. The lock is simple of 3 numbers and is designed to protect against petty thieves in transport and other crowded places, when pickpockets can take advantage of your inattention. If you don’t need a lock, you can choose without one and save $3.

What else? The fittings are of high quality, the dogs walk easily. The strap can be refastened both under the left shoulder and under the right. For this, metal loops and a carabiner are provided.

Well, a couple more shots of how the bag looks when worn on the chest and on the back. You can buy here.

The next bag is my personal favorite. It is slightly larger in volume and holds more useful things, while on the chest it does not feel too large, and on the back it looks very organic.

The principle of wearing is the same. One strap over the shoulder with the ability to fasten to the other side and change the length.

For softness, there are foam inserts in the shoulder area. And on the outside there is a zippered pocket for keys or other small things.

Thanks to the flat base, the bag is stable on a horizontal surface. The handle is not provided, but there is a loop for which it is convenient to hang the bag on a hook.

On one side there is a USB connector for charging your gadgets on the go, inside it connects to the power bank.

On the opposite side there is a small pocket with a surprise.

The pocket contains a mesh bottle holder and an elastic band to secure it. A small bottle of 0.5 or 0.75 liters is placed.

On the back side, you can see a perforated foam insert that provides rigidity to the bag, but allows air to pass through so you don’t sweat.

Quality fittings: metal carabiner, double pawl zipper.

There is really a lot of space inside: a deep pocket with a zipper, a small compartment with a mesh, a compartment for a tablet and pockets for small items.

For example, a 20,000 mAh ZMI power bank can easily fit into a zippered pocket.

And in the tablet compartment, albeit with a creak, it fits an 11″ Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet.

On the front side there is a small zippered compartment, where it is convenient to store frequently used items, such as cigarettes with a lighter or car keys. There are compartments for a small notepad and pens.

But that’s not all, in the upper part there is another miniature compartment that can be adapted to suit your needs. In general, fans of multiple pockets and compartments will definitely like the bag.

In addition, it looks interesting and has bright elements. By the way, a reflective strip was placed on the front of the bag, which will help to identify you in the dark.

On the seller’s page, you can see that the bag is sold in two variations. I have a more expensive «improved version». The cheaper version has no pocket for the bottle holder, a simpler lining (no foam) and the carabiner is not metal, but plastic. You can check prices here.

And now another bag that looks more like a mini backpack. However, it is also a chest bag with a single shoulder strap. It is the most spacious and suitable for those who carry quite a lot of things with them.

Partly it is made of dense fabric, partly from leatherette. As in previous models, the strap is adjustable in length and has a pocket for small things + a loop for glasses.

Like other modern bags, this one has a USB port for charging your gadgets. The connector is closed with a tight plug.

On the opposite side, there is a zippered compartment in which a mesh bottle holder and an elastic band are hidden to fix it.

A 0.5 liter bottle is ideal, but a liter bottle fits if necessary.

There is a hook loop at the top and a handy handle.

There is a small hole under the handle that can be used for wired headphones. Smartphone in the bag, headphones in the ears — hands free.

On the back side there is a foam backing with perforation and mesh.

There is a lot of space inside, not only for gadgets and accessories, but also for notebooks (if you are a student). There are several small compartments: for a power bank, headphones, wallet, etc.

And a large tablet compartment. 11″ Xiaomi Pad 5 fit freely and even left a couple of centimeters of space in width (the margin is even greater in height).

The bag is comfortable and practical. The strap on the metal carabiner can be re-fastened for wearing on the left or right shoulder.

It is this bag that is more convenient for me to carry on my back (although it is also possible on my chest).

The bag is available in two sizes. I have a “large” one, but there is also a “small” one, it is a little cheaper and more compact. You can check prices here.

Let’s summarize. I liked all three bags and I think that each one is interesting in its own way. It depends more on the tasks and personal preferences. I liked the second bag the most, because I love this format and appreciate the large number of compartments. Bags will be a good solution for traveling, walking «light», as well as daily routine trips to work or on personal matters. Well, in terms of quality, they are all on the same level: solid tailoring, no marriage and strong fittings.