Review of paper digital clock for 160 rubles

Good evening! Sometimes we all probably want to get distracted, have fun, relax, or even create some kind of game. In my case, this desire resulted in the purchase of a digital watch, the body of which is made of paper.

So, in front of you is a watch-bracelet

Such watches are far from new, but I think that to this day no one will be able to answer the question why these watches appeared. But right now, when we have a special trend for eco-materials, and watches have begun to be made from plastic bottles found at the bottom of the sea, such models have begun to flicker more and more often on domestic marketplaces.

The clock is a small sensor wrapped in thick paper. It does not get wet, you can take a shower, bath in the watch, and, possibly, swim in the pool. The design is the thinnest and lightest.

The sizing here is of a very decent level, so the watch really won’t miss the moisture, but here it’s more of a problem, and here’s why:

Watches in many ways are disposable,

Although they are not. As you understand, there is a small scarf inside, and I got this one from a similar watch, but of a different design:

I deliberately did not begin to put it in order, and I will report that getting a handkerchief is a problem, although this will have to be done, according to the instructions, in order to change the battery. The manipulation is described as follows: carefully make an incision, remove, change, and everything will be fine. It feels like it won’t, but it’s almost impossible to do it carefully, as for me, and in the end you are left with a torn sheet and a square with diodes …

But it won’t be about sad things,

Although further everything will be rather filled with dramatic colors. Let’s go back for a second to whole hours:

There are several magnetic strips built into the «bracelet part» so that the watch can be adjusted on the wrist. The final version on the hand looks like this:

Strictly speaking, they sit well, it looks rather fashionable and youthful, which, at a cost of 160 — 300 rubles, already begins to seem like a not so bad acquisition. After all, you, firstly, have a watch that is waterproof, and even quite original after all, if not for a couple of nuances …

First, they are absolutely useless in daylight.

Looking ahead, I will report that I listed the main disadvantages in the video, which I will not give here, because there is the same clock, but in a different design. So, the clock is «blind». The diodes are practically indistinguishable in the light, so you have to look for the right angle or cover the watch with your free hand to see the time. This is further complicated by the fact that in order to save charge, they do not burn constantly: the time is displayed for several seconds.

The second problem is in the button. Actually, to see the time, you need to press it, and frequent pressing will still contribute to the wear of the material. The time display is in 12-hour format.

Watch settings

The clock shows hours-minutes, seconds, year-month. To switch, you will have to press the button all the time.

The settings here are straightforward: the button distinguishes between a long hold. For example, you need to get into the clock setting, turn it on, hold it, set it, but since there is only one button, it only distinguishes the setting forward. There are no problems with hours and minutes, but missing a year is quite dangerous.

One wrong move and you have some 2025.

Living in the future is not so bad, but resetting to the factory settings is provided here, apparently, only through the removal of the battery, and, as you saw above, it is not removed in the easiest way, so the watch can become disposable much earlier, what is the power supply…

A small summary

The experience, although meaningless, is still funny, and, of course, the good thing is that with the help of this watch I can once again communicate with you, cheer you up, brighten up a cloudy evening.

I don’t regret the money spent, but I won’t wear such a watch either. If you are interested in the topic of watches, more traditional, then in the signature there are links to VK and Telega, where you can find something interesting for yourself.

Have a good mood!