When Rolex lacks about 990,000 rubles, you can buy Invicta. A Brief Overview of Mechanical Watches

In fact, I haven’t monitored Rolex prices for a long time, so I could make a mistake in the quotes, but the irony is clear: Invicta has long bored everyone because they make budget copies of Rolex. But the copies are decent, certainly not the worst — that’s the problem. Literally, the problem with this bad replica is that it’s a good watch.

Pro Diver models are available in both quartz and mechanical, and in front of you is a mechanical watch. In this price segment, two calibers compete with each other for such brands: Seiko (TMI) NH35 and Miyota 8215. Invcita releases its mechanics on NH35. Among its visual features: three hands, a date window. The date itself with a quick translation function. Current Invcita models are more often found with a decorated self-winding rotor.

This seems to be all, you can finish. But I will allow myself a couple of remarks about what could be better.


Well, if Pushkin hadn’t been killed, then the year might not have been so bad, but strictly speaking, Invicta could have been more honest and stopped counting its history from the 19th century. This is a modern watch, it is correct to count its history from 1991, in connection with which the Swiss versions of watches could already be abandoned. Moreover, the holding acquired the already quite good Glycine brand. I understand that this is nit-picking, but for a design studio that takes designs mainly from a single brand, this is too luxurious.

Housing materials

Before saying this, it should be noted that this series is an entry-level, and mechanical watches cost from 10 to 15 thousand. Here are a couple of examples — one and two. You can find it cheaper, on WB you came across for 10 thousand, and this is very affordable now for mechanical watches with a famous movement. At the same time, here you get protection of 200 meters, a stainless steel case, and not “metal”. But it’s mineral glass. It has its own brand name, is positioned as durable and scratch-resistant, but even out of the box this watch has two films, which, as it were, hints. Judging by the reviews, the glass really comes into a creepy look after a while, and this model does not imply careful use.


The clock glows brightly, but not for very long. This is also a fairly popular topic for criticizing these models. The coating is applied here and on the marks, and on the hands, and on the bezel mark.

The bezel of the watch is one-sided, clicky, but tight. And it is also quite easy, but reliable, it catches any rubbish, pile, in general, a version of the watch — summer, of course. If worn with a sweater, you will have to clean it somehow.


The diameter of the watch is a compromise — 40 mm., The model weighs about 150 grams, so it is felt on the wrist. The dial is well read, there are no problems with perception.

Above the date window there is a Cyclops lens, but, like everything in this design, it is dictated not so much by severe necessity as by the desire to be as similar as possible to a certain brand. The most obvious confirmation of this is the unmistakably recognizable arrows of the Mercedes type. The crown is screwed down and works like the «Vostok».

And yet, no matter how you swear, the watch remains decent: the mechanics are self-winding, and in steel, and with diving protection, and with a bezel, and with a correct head … Well, yes, there is not enough sapphire glass, but the price is That. And what of the closest competitors with such a filling and performance characteristics? Orient 18-20 thousand, probably, will cost. Seiko — from 25. STM, such as Spinnaker — 16-19 thousand, and even then, there is WR150 / 180. Our Vostok just remains, and Invicta is not the worst alternative.

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