TOP 20 Best Backlit Keyboards of 2018

Most modern laptops come with backlit keyboards. In addition to their stunning looks, backlit keyboards play an important role in allowing you to work without interruption, no matter the light level in the room. The backlight does not hurt the eyes in well-lit rooms, but at night in dim lighting, the keys are backlit enough […]

Top Smart TV boxes for 2018-2019 with 4k support

If you look around in a modern office or home, you can see that everything around is smart. Smart TVs, phones, electric stoves, kettles, etc. Everything around is gradually getting smarter, improving and learning to anticipate the user’s desires. Smartphones and TVs are the most commonly used smart devices. If everything is clear with smartphones, […]

Rating of the 7 best smart sockets: how to choose, reviews, features, price

In modern times, almost all home appliances can be conventional or smart. Everyone knows about smart phones and many have heard about smart home technology. In fact, a smart home includes a lot of items: kettles, TVs, washing machines, etc. The smart home system provides control of the entire home from one device — a […]

Top 7 best gaming graphics cards: how to choose, features, reviews, price

Video cards improve extremely quickly, almost every six months a video adapter comes out that is significantly superior to its predecessor. Active progress is due to the rapid increase in the system requirements of computer games. Already, modern games in 4k resolution can only be played by flagship video cards. On video cards from 2-3 […]

Rating of the 7 best laser printers: how to choose, options, reviews, price

The printer is needed to perform one main task — obtaining printed products from electronic files. Such a need exists in almost all spheres of human life. Acquaintance with printers usually begins with school years, when they are constantly asked to write essays. Many readers are familiar with these devices since their school years, but […]

Rating of the TOP 7 best action cameras: features, how to choose, reviews and prices

Do you like outdoor activities, do sports? Since you are here, you were thinking of making a video while skiing, flying on a plane, riding a bike, etc. Ordinary cameras will not cope with this task, the video quality will be frankly bad, and they are inconvenient. Action cameras are ideal for realizing the idea. […]

Rating of the TOP 10 best power banks: selection rules, characteristics, price, reviews

Smartphones, tablets and laptops are autonomous, they are easy to take to any place: work, office, transport, and even outdoors. All of them have an extremely limited battery capacity. With active use, the devices are discharged for 8-15 hours or less. In order for them to work many times longer, an additional source of energy […]

Rating of the TOP 7 best Smart speakers: what it is, how to choose, price, reviews

In the 21st century, there is no longer a music lover who would not have the opportunity to buy a speaker or a subwoofer. Time to take the next step into the future and get a smart speaker. Here we will tell you what is special about smart speakers, how to choose them. We also […]

Rating of the TOP 7 best Wi-Fi signal amplifiers: how to choose, options, price, reviews

A large office building or a large house will not be able to handle one or even several Wi-Fi routers. There are professional models of routers with a large coverage area, but their price “bites” a lot. Budget and quite good models are not able to provide high-quality network connection in a large radius. Their […]

Rating of the TOP 7 best antennas for digital television: how to choose, price, reviews

Television has been an integral part of the life of a modern person for 15-20 years. Despite the spread of TV, satellite dishes are still not available to everyone. Many viewers still use digital television. Read about the best antennas for digital TV in the material, there are also tips on choosing the right antenna. […]