Practical tips for choosing a monitor for your computer

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The choice of computer monitors is currently very large. How not to get lost in this diversity? In fact, everything is quite simple: you just need to know a few key characteristics, as well as for what purpose the equipment is mainly purchased.

The monitor can be called without exaggeration one of the most important parts of a computer, because it is it that allows you to see the result of the operations performed by the machine. You cannot use a computer without a monitor.

How to choose a monitor for a computer?

The purposes for which people need a monitor can be completely different, but the choice of this device must be approached with the same responsibility.

Are modern monitors safe?

Modern monitors are perfectly safe when handled properly. Myths about harmful electromagnetic radiation are just fiction. However, there is something to pay attention to:

  • the ability to adjust the height and tilt will help protect your neck from fatigue.
  • too high or, conversely, insufficient brightness tires the eyes, so you should not purchase monitors with a maximum matrix brightness value of 200 cd / sq. m and below. The optimal value is 250 cd / sq. m. With it, the image is quite bright and clear, so you don’t have to peer, and the flicker is almost imperceptible.
  • screen refresh rate. It should be remembered that the recommended frequency is from 75 to 100 hertz. If this value is less than 60 hertz, then from working behind such a monitor your eyes will quickly get tired and your head will hurt.

What to look for when choosing a monitor?

Matrix type. Alas, the ideal type does not yet exist, therefore, in search of such a matrix, three main ones were invented, and on their basis, many subtypes.

  • TN — the simplest and cheapest. They are characterized by a small black depth and small viewing angles, but at the same time a high response rate, for which they are held in high esteem by gamers. Sometimes the name TN-film is found, which means the presence of an additional filter that increases the viewing angle. A dead pixel glows white, which makes it easy to detect this defect.
  • IPS — provide the best color reproduction, good contrast, large viewing angle (up to 178 °), but they have a slow response speed. Dead pixel black. Best of all, such monitors are suitable for people working with static graphics — designers and photographers. True, the price of such equipment is quite high.
  • PVA, MVA — something in between the two previous types. Relatively inexpensive, they have the best black reproduction, but much worse midtones. The viewing angle is the same as that of IPS. The response speed is quite acceptable, so they are ideal for the role of universal monitors.

Screen size. With this, everything is simple: on a large screen it is more convenient to watch movies, play games, work in programs where you have to open many windows. On the other hand, a monitor that is too large takes up a lot of space, is demanding on the capabilities of the video card, and consumes a lot of electricity. Screen size is measured diagonally and is measured in inches.

Aspect ratio. Most often there are wide screens with parameters 16:10 and 16:9, and the so-called square: 5:4 and 4:3. Widescreen is convenient for playing games, watching movies, which most often have the appropriate frame size, and also for working in special programs. «Square» monitors are suitable for office work and study. How monitors of different ratios look in reality can be seen in the picture.

How to choose a monitor for a computer?

Monitor resolution is the aspect ratio expressed in pixels. The more pixels, the clearer the picture on the screen. Each diagonal has its own optimal resolution.

Currently, FullHD 1080p resolution, that is, 1920 × 1080 pixels, has become widespread. It allows you to watch movies in the best quality. The same goes for games.

It should be borne in mind: the higher the screen resolution, the greater the load on the video card.

Viewing angle. This refers to the minimum angle when looking at the monitor from which the picture will remain unchanged. A very important characteristic for monitors on which you plan to watch movies often.

Response time. As you know, to view video, the monitor must be able to display 25 frames per second. Therefore, one frame remains on the screen for approximately 40 ms. For modern monitor models, this time is even less, up to 2 ms.

It is clear that this quality of the monitor is especially important for those who need it to watch movies or play games. The optimal response speed in this case is 4-8 ms.

Types of connectors. Image quality is determined first by the matrix, and then by the type of connector through which the monitor is connected. They are of several types. VGA — analog type, does not transmit the image in the proper quality. Currently losing popularity. DVI — digital type. Now it is the most popular, the image transmits with high quality. HDMI is also a digital connector that transmits a clear picture. Suitable not only for a computer, but is able to connect the monitor to various other devices. An important feature is the ability to transmit video and audio signals simultaneously.

How to choose a monitor for a computer?

Color reproduction — this is the number of colors and their shades that the matrix is ​​\u200b\u200bcapable of transmitting. The maximum of this value is 16.7 million shades. This quality is important for photographers and designers, and for everyone else, a standard set of colors will suffice. It is also rather big — over 65 thousand.

Contrast and Brightness — two more characteristics of the monitor, important for those who work with graphics. Contrast is the width of the range of dark and light shades, and brightness is the ability to display a high-quality picture even when light falls on the screen.

These were the main characteristics to keep in mind when buying a monitor. There are also some additional ones, for example, LED backlighting improves color reproduction and reduces electricity consumption, although it affects the cost. Perhaps 3D support will be important for someone — this is now also possible. The presence of a TV tuner will turn the monitor into a TV, and MHL support will allow you to connect various mobile devices.

Given the characteristics listed above, it is easy to choose a monitor for specific purposes.

How to choose a monitor for games?

Three things are important for a gaming monitor:

  1. Response time — the smaller it is, the better all dynamic scenes will look. It is recommended that you stop the selection on devices with a response of 4 ms or even less.
  2. The viewing angle should be from 170 degrees.
  3. You need a large monitor, 24 inches is best. This will give the game more realism.
How to choose a monitor for a computer?

The same specifications apply to a monitor designed for watching movies.

A selection of the best monitors for gaming

Choosing a monitor for a designer or photographer

For these professionals are important:

  1. Accurate color reproduction. This will allow you to work better with images.
  2. The large screen size is important when working with large areas of the visible image and allows you to open multiple windows in work programs.
  3. Optimal brightness and contrast.
  4. Large viewing angle.
How to choose a monitor for a computer?

A selection of the best monitors for the designer and photographer

Choosing a monitor for the home

The universal monitor has the following characteristics:

  1. Diagonal from 22 inches — convenient to play, and work, and watch movies
  2. Large viewing angle will allow you to watch movies while walking on the couch.
  3. The response speed should provide a quick change of pictures, without pixel trails.
How to choose a monitor for a computer?

A selection of the best monitors for the home

Which brand to choose a monitor?

Many people ask this question, but it is rather rhetorical, since it is difficult to give an exact answer to it. All modern monitors are high-quality and reliable products, and manufacturers try to keep the bar, so it depends, first of all, on the individual preferences of the buyer. Perhaps there are some statistics on manufacturers, but this information is not widely available. The only advice that can be given here is that it is best to buy equipment from the company that has a service center in your city.

So, choosing a monitor for your computer is actually not difficult. The main thing is to take the choice seriously, because such a technique, with proper use, can last for quite a long time, invariably pleasing with the beauty and high quality of the picture.

Rating of the best surge protectors for home and kitchen + list of good manufacturers

Surge protectors are devices that help protect household electrical appliances from power surges. The service life of household appliances will depend on the quality of the node. Any household appliances, when first turned on, give high loads to the network, which as a result leads to burnout of lamps, knocking out traffic jams, etc. Similar consequences are possible in a situation where a large number of productive devices are used in an apartment. Directly in this case, a surge protector is required that redistributes the load and eliminates the appearance of surges in the network.

To date, the range of devices is quite diverse, they are distinguished by certain characteristics, functions and types of protection. To facilitate the choice, a rating of the best network filters was compiled, which included high-quality models. This top will help you find out which device to choose for home or office, how the products differ from each other.


TOP of the best network filters

Today it is difficult to imagine the electrical network of a house or office without the use of network filters. This is a fairly inexpensive device that can protect equipment from various interference, impulse currents and short circuits. For this purpose, the products use one or more lines of capacitors, varistors, induction coils and fuses. Therefore, the price of surge protectors is much more expensive than standard carriers, and the choice of products must be approached carefully. At the moment, there are hundreds of developers of such models on the market, which makes it difficult for buyers to choose. For this purpose, a review was compiled, which included the best network filters.

APC by Schneider Electric PM5-RS

APC by Schneider Electric PM5-RS

A good mains voltage filter, which is of high build quality. Such a device is used to increase the number of outlets, as well as to ensure the safety of equipment in the room. The filter absorbs bursts and noise and compensates for them. The risk of breakdown of equipment, which is particularly susceptible to electric current indicators, is reduced. The mains filter operates from the mains with a voltage of 230 V.

The body of the device is made of high quality plastic, which ensures the durability of the product. To connect the equipment, the device has 5 sockets of the EURO standard. They are equipped with protective shutters that prevent the penetration of dirt into the device. All outlets are started with a single switch. The design provides an indicator of the operating mode for the comfort of users. One of the connectors is located a little further from the others. It is intended for large-sized power supplies, so as not to block access to other sockets, not to create additional inconvenience.

Maximum load, W 2300
Number of outlets 5
Functions Grounding, switch on the case, light indication
Cable length, m 1.8
Design features Protects against short circuit, fire, impulse noise


  • plastic quality;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • 5 sockets for sockets;
  • comfortable position of the wire;
  • short circuit protection;
  • presence of indicators;
  • there is a wall mount.


  • takes up quite a lot of space;
  • sometimes the switch sparks.

Comment: High-quality filter, with good assembly and functionality. I note the presence of protective curtains from children, debris, probably moisture. There is also a clever groove on the back for cable management. I liked the green light of the indicator, as well as the design of the block itself. I recommend to buy.

Price: 1,324 rubles.

APC by Schneider Electric PM5-RS



Convenient surge protector, which is significantly different from many analogues. First of all, it is worth noting the unusual design. The device has 10 sockets of 2 types (6+4). At the same time, there are 2 switches on the case itself. The mains filter housing is traditionally made of plastic and consists of 2 parts — upper and lower. Operates at maximum loads up to 2200 W with a mains voltage of 220 V. In addition, the developer provides an effective grounding system. The device in question with 2 m of wire for 10 sockets has compact dimensions.

The design of the contacts is standard for budget extension cords: 2 metal strips, between which a plug is inserted. The product can be fixed on the wall in any position, the cable can be output from the right or left side, as well as in the center. To install the surge protector on the floor, small legs are used. Such a voltage protection device has unique characteristics that no similar products have. Effective protection and mechanical stability make this surge protector extremely popular among buyers.

Maximum load, W 2200
Number of outlets ten
Functions Switch on the case, grounding, light indication
Cable length, m 2
Design features 250V protection indication, shock-resistant case, telephone line protection, surge protection, thermal bimetallic fuse, switch on both lines


  • installation option in any position;
  • reliable body;
  • the presence of indicator lights;
  • the switch is located on the body;
  • there is protection against impulse noise;
  • 2 switchable blocks.


  • undersized power cable;
  • overload protection set to high current.

Comment: A well-designed filter. Available in 10 sockets with almost standard sizes. Sockets in 2 groups, each with its own switches. The contacts are made of brass 0.5 mm, the joints are soldered, the assembly is of high quality. There is an anti-interference board and an overheating fuse. I recommend to buy.

Price: 930 rubles.




A convenient, functional model that, in addition to 6 European standard sockets, is equipped with 4 auxiliary USB-A ports to recharge compatible portable gadgets. The device is connected to the central power supply network using a 2 m long wire with a Euro plug at the end. The device in question has an ergonomic body made of fire-resistant ABS plastic that can withstand temperatures up to +750 degrees. 6 sockets for connecting home and computer equipment are located remotely between each other, making it possible to connect power plugs of different form factors.

The USB ports also feature a convenient horizontal layout. On the body of the device is a start key. The sockets in the model are located at an inclination of 45 degrees to the base and are protected by special curtains from small objects. The wire for connecting to the mains is equipped with dense insulation at the junction with the filter itself and the plug. For safe use in an unstable network, the device will support protection systems against power surges, short circuits and overloads. The device can be fixed on a wall or a horizontal surface in order to save space. Such a device has become one of the best models due to the high build quality, one-year warranty and the proper wire length of 2 m.

Maximum load, W 2500
Number of outlets 6
Functions Curtains on the socket, grounding, switch on the body, light indication
Cable length, m 2
Design features 4 USB ports, auto-sensing voltage, surge, short circuit and overload protection


  • 6 euro sockets and 4 USB ports;
  • dense cable with thick insulation;
  • fireproof housing;
  • quality assembly;
  • small mass;
  • ease of use;
  • auto-detection of voltage in USB ports.


  • the mount is located near the wire;
  • There are no plastic or rubber linings.

Comment: The device is able to withstand overloads of general house wiring. Easily holds a PC, a monitor to it, an MFP, a laptop, a lamp and speakers. In addition to this, USB ports are occupied by phones and PowerBanks. I also note the reliability and ease of attachment to the walls / ceiling. I advise you to buy.

Price: 919 rubles.


Pilot S

Pilot S

An innovative, reliable and high-tech model that includes all the necessary list of functions in order to protect household appliances and electrical appliances from sudden power surges. The body of the device in question is made of high-quality and, above all, reliable and low-flammable plastic. This device is intended for comfortable operation as an extension cord or a universal filter. 6 output sockets, 5 of them have a EURO standard, which will make it possible to safely connect any home appliances. The required power for operation will be 220 V. The maximum load is 2200 W, which will be an advantage in comparison with a number of similar models.

A special fuse acts as protection against short circuits, by means of which the electrical circuit of the device in question is opened when the flowing current exceeds safe values. In addition, protection against overheating is provided. On the case there is a power start indicator and a single socket switch. The dimensions of such a device are quite compact, and the weight of the device is very light. The 7-meter power cord makes it possible to place the product in any corner of the home.

Maximum load, W 2200
Number of outlets 6
Functions Light indication, grounding, switch on the case
Cable length, m 7
Design features Overheating and short circuit protection, power start indicator


  • main protection against overheating and short circuits;
  • high-quality wire and sockets;
  • thoughtful design;
  • ease of use;
  • long power cord;
  • compact dimensions.


  • there is no suppression of high-frequency interference;
  • there are no curtains in the nests.

Comment: I have been using this network filter for about 4 years. Operates around the clock, no problems have arisen. When overloads appear sometimes, the auto-off of the surge protector immediately turns on. In addition, there is a well-thought-out protection against power surges in the network. The filter is perfect. Satisfied with the choice.

Price: 990 rubles.

Pilot S



Ergonomic surge protector from China, which compares favorably with its counterparts. First of all, it should be noted its pleasant design. The device is equipped with 3 sockets of the same type. At the same time, a convenient switch is located on the case. The mains filter base is made of plastic and consists of 2 parts — upper and lower. The device operates at maximum loads up to 3500 W with a mains voltage of 220 V. In addition, the developer provides for a grounding system. The design is in black and white. The device in question has a 1.5 m long power cord, as well as compact dimensions.

The design of the contacts is standard for such extension cords: 2 metal strips, between which a plug is inserted. The surge protector has the option of wall mounting in any position. This device is equipped with 2 USB connectors, making it possible to charge smartphones and other household gadgets. The mains filter has protection against power surges, which also ensures its functionality. High-quality protection and ergonomic design provide market demand among consumers.

Maximum load, W 3500
Number of outlets 3
Functions Curtains on the socket, grounding, switch on the body, light indication
Cable length, m 1.5
Design features 2 USB connectors, overheat and short circuit protection


  • build quality;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • there are USB ports;
  • durable cable;
  • there is a light indicator;
  • outlet curtains.


  • short cable;
  • fragility.

Comment: A handy network filter with good functionality. Installed the model under the table against the wall. Plastic looks soundly, does not stink during operation. I note the convenient angular placement of the filter. Satisfied with the choice.

Price: 1,990 rubles.


Defender ES Lite (99487)

Defender ES Lite (99487)

A high-quality surge protector that provides a high degree of protection and guarantees the stable operation of household appliances and electronic devices. The product is designed to limit equipment from unwanted voltage drops in the network, overloads, high-frequency interference and high-voltage static shocks during a thunderstorm. The body of the device in question is made of durable low-flammable plastic, which guarantees the reliability of the design. The device is equipped with a start / shutdown key located on the base itself.

The mains filter is equipped with 4 EURO-standard sockets with earthing, capable of protecting used devices from short-term overload, high-frequency interference and short circuits. The length of the power cable for connection is 1.8 m. Such a surge protector with overheating protection has standard functionality and a budget price. It is these circumstances that ensure the high popularity of the device on the market.

Maximum load, W 2200
Number of outlets four
Functions Grounding, switch on the housing
Cable length, m 1.8
Design features Overload and short circuit protection, network indicator


  • 4 euro sockets with grounding;
  • auto fuse, which is built into the switch;
  • interference protection;
  • limitation from overloads and short circuits;
  • network indicator;
  • wall mount;
  • case made of low-flammable plastic.


  • weak functionality;
  • fragility.

Comment: Good network filter. A well-known brand, lightweight and small, the device will easily fit inside a laptop backpack. I note the convenient length of the power cord, durable thick plastic. The filter itself does not overheat. I recommend choosing.

Price: 339 rubles.

Defender ES Lite (99487)

ERA USF-M-4es-W (B0019741)

ERA USF-M-4es-W (B0019741)

Standard power filter with 4 euro outlets, which is suitable for use as a splitter and short extension. The device is convenient in the situation when access to the home network is no further than 1.5 m from the place where the devices are used. With the help of the device in question, you can insure yourself against problems such as breakdown of equipment, violation of wiring in the home, and even fire as a result of power surges in the mains. The entire blow is taken by the device fuse.

There is a general switch on the body of the device, which is combined with an indicator — if the lamp is on, it becomes clear that the power is currently on. The device in question guarantees proper protection of the devices connected to it from the most popular difficulties with the operation of the electrical network: short circuits, high-frequency interference and overloads. The maximum load current is 10A. It is also required to highlight that the power cord and socket contacts are made of copper alloy, which will prevent oxidation, heating and provide improved conductivity than aluminum models.

Maximum load, W 2200
Number of outlets four
Functions Switch on the case, grounding, light indication
Cable length, m 1.5
Design features Overload and short circuit protection


  • overheat protection;
  • reliable power cord;
  • effective protection;
  • ergonomic appearance;
  • quality plastic case.


  • ill-conceived mounting holes;
  • weak functionality.

Comment: A high-quality surge protector, which I chose according to the length of the cord. I appreciate the ease of use. There is an option for wall mounting or installation on furniture. In use for more than 4 months, no complaints. I advise.

Price: 300 rubles.

ERA USF-M-4es-W (B0019741)

The best surge protector manufacturers

There are quite a lot of developers of this type of goods on the market, from popular brands to little-known brands. The rating includes only the highest quality and proven companies whose products are in high demand among consumers. The best network filter manufacturers:

  • Sven. The Russian company, which was founded in 1991, produces acoustic systems and computer peripherals. Production facilities are located in China and Taiwan. The company’s products belong to the low price category.
  • IEK. The trademark was registered in 1999, initially it produced low-voltage electrical products. Then the company’s product range was slightly expanded. At the moment, IEK is considered one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electrical appliances.
  • power cube. The company was registered in the Russian Federation in 1999. Today the company is a full cycle production holding. It produces various surge protectors, extension cords, PVA wires, speaker cables, cords, etc.
  • Defender. Russian brand engaged in the production of peripherals and accessories for computers. The company was founded in 1990. The company’s products are manufactured at high-tech factories in Europe and Asia.
  • Buro. The company has been on the Russian market for over 10 years. The products of the manufacturer in question are accessories, office equipment and stationery. The range of products is regularly updated and growing. The product is distinguished by an ideal price-quality ratio.
  • APC. An American brand that is best known as a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies. In 2006, the company was taken over by the Schneider Electric brand, leaving its brand unchanged.
  • Schneider Electric. French power engineering brand that manufactures equipment for the energy sub-complexes of industrial institutions, civil and residential construction facilities, data processing centers.
  • Rubetek. Russian manufacturer, which develops in different directions of its own activity. This applies to the production of electrical equipment, various «smart» devices and home control systems. A characteristic feature of the brand will be its manufacturability.
  • ERA. A Russian manufacturer that produces lighting and electrical goods for everyday life, office space and industrial facilities. The trademark was created over 15 years ago. Today it occupies a strong position in the market. The assortment of the company is regularly replenished with various technological innovations. In addition, the company upgrades old models of devices.
  • Rombica. High-tech innovative brand from China, which specializes in the creation of information transmission devices, as well as technology for power and charging.

Network filters today are in great demand among consumers. They are devices consisting of several outlets. The best models can withstand high levels of electricity consumption and protect equipment from various power surges. Before purchasing a surge protector, it is imperative to focus on the maximum load for which the device is designed. In addition, you need to take into account the number of devices that the product serves. After that, it is required to evaluate the functionality of the model: its distinctive options, the position of sockets, unique properties, etc. To make the right choice, a top of the best network filters was compiled, which included the best devices.

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How to choose the right motherboard for your computer

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Choosing a suitable motherboard means ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of the system unit, as well as the computer as a whole.

The motherboard is the backbone of any computer. Thanks to her, the individual parts function together.

It is easy to guess that the quality of the entire system largely depends on the motherboard. At the same time, it cannot be said that if the motherboard is good, then the system will work with maximum efficiency. The motherboard should always be selected in accordance with the goals.

Motherboard structure

How to choose a motherboard?

Before choosing a motherboard, you need to at least superficially consider its structure. Although it is worth noting here that the location of the sockets and other parts of the motherboard do not play a special role.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the processor socket. This is a small square recess with a mount.

For those who are familiar with such a term as “overlocking” (overclocking a computer), you should pay attention to the presence of a double radiator. Often, motherboards do not have a dual heatsink. Therefore, for those who intend to overclock their computer in the future, it is advisable to ensure that this element is present on the board.

Oblong PCI-Express slots are designed for video cards, TV tuners, audio and network cards. Video cards need more bandwidth and use PCI-Express X16 connectors. Other adapters use PCI-Express X1 connectors.

Expert advice! PCI slots with different bandwidths look almost the same. You should especially carefully consider the connectors and read the inscriptions under them in order to avoid sudden disappointments at home when installing video cards.

The smaller connectors are designed for RAM sticks. They are usually painted black or blue.

The board’s chipset is usually hidden under a heatsink. This element is responsible for the joint work of the processor and other parts of the system unit.

Small square connectors on the edge of the board are used to connect a hard drive. On the other side are connectors for input and output devices (USB, mouse, keyboard, etc.).


Motherboards are manufactured by many companies. It is almost impossible to single out the best or worst of them. The payment of any company can be called high-quality. Often even unknown manufacturers offer a good product.

The secret is that all boards are equipped with chipsets from two companies: AMD and Intel. Moreover, the differences between the chipsets are insignificant and play a role only when solving deeply specialized tasks.

Form Factor

How to choose a motherboard?

In the case of motherboards, size matters. The standard ATX form factor is found in most home computers. The large size and, therefore, the presence of a wide range of slots can improve the main characteristics of the computer.

A smaller version of mATX is less common. The possibilities for improvement are limited.

There is also mITX. This form factor is found in budget office computers. Improving performance is either impossible or does not make sense.

Often, processors and boards are sold as a set. However, if the processor was purchased earlier, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with the board. By looking at the socket, the compatibility of the processor and motherboard can be determined instantly.


The connecting link of all components of the system is the chipset. Chipsets are made by two companies: Intel and AMD. There is no particular difference between them. At least for the average user.

Standard chipsets consist of northbridge and southbridge. The newest Intel models consist only of northern. This was not done to save money. This factor does not reduce the performance of the chipset in any way.

The most modern Intel chipsets consist of a single bridge, since most of the controllers are now in the processor, including the DD3 RAM controller, PCI-Express 3.0 and some others.

Analogues from AMD are built on the traditional two-bridge scheme. For example, the 900 series is equipped with the SB950 southbridge and the 990FX northbridge (990X, 970).

When choosing a chipset, you should start from the capabilities of the north bridge. Northbridge 990FX can support 4 video cards in CrossFire mode at the same time. In most cases, this power is redundant. But for fans of heavy games or those who work with demanding graphics editors, this chipset will be the most suitable.

A slightly stripped-down version of the 990X can still support two video cards at the same time, but the 970 model works exclusively with one video card.

Memory slots, PCI-Express and external connectors

The optimal amount of RAM is a rather variable value. With the release of new system software, the amount of RAM has to be increased. Therefore, it is important that RAM slots play an important role in choosing a motherboard.

To make memory expansion as convenient as possible in the near future, you should choose a board with DDR3 memory type. Having bought DDR3, you run the risk, in general, of being left without the opportunity to increase the RAM.

However, it is worth remembering that DD3 trims have their own limitations, which you cannot go beyond. This is where the form factor comes into play, which was already mentioned above. It is necessary to decide in advance whether the computer will need an improvement in the future, since the budget compact version will not be significantly improved.

The same applies to video cards, audio cards and other things.

How to choose a motherboard?

Therefore, it is not advisable to choose a small motherboard. And you can save money on the PCI-Express bus version. Version 2.0 is much cheaper than version 3.0. The difference is unlikely to be noticeable.

The presence of certain external connectors is rather a matter of convenience. The presence of a huge range of adapters can solve any problem with connectors.

Nevertheless, it is worth paying attention to the audio connectors. The standard sound card has three connectors. For connoisseurs of music, a better audio system with 6 connectors will be needed.

Some motherboards have a number of additional features: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless modules, an interface for connecting eSATA removable drives, and others.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that when choosing a motherboard, you need to clearly define your priorities. Improved features will result in a round sum. Excessive savings, on the contrary, can deprive important functions.

Best Voltage Stabilizers for Gas Boiler, TV and Whole House

The problem of power surges is familiar to many today. Solving it is quite simple — just purchase a special device that will eliminate this problem — a stabilizer. How to choose a good device from the huge range offered on the market, we will tell further.


Rating of the best voltage stabilizers

We have created the TOP of the best voltage stabilizers from trusted manufacturers. Their reliability is confirmed by more than one user, as evidenced by the reviews.



RESANTA ACH-1000/1-Ts is an electronic voltage stabilizer for a single-phase network, which is perfect for home use. The unit instantly responds to voltage changes. The stabilizer has a lot of protective functions: from overheating, short circuit, etc. The model is distinguished by a durable metal case with IP 20 protection. Thanks to this, the stabilizer can be installed even in rooms with a high level of humidity. The cooling system is represented by ventilation holes, which prevents the device from overheating. On the front panel there is a convenient LED display with important indicators, as well as control buttons for turning the device on and off.

Active power 1 kW
Input operating voltage 140-260 V
Output voltage 202-238 V
Stabilization speed 35 V/s
Input frequency 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 140x170x237 mm
Weight 3.5 kg


  • aesthetic appearance;
  • quiet work;
  • ease of use;
  • price-quality ratio;
  • compactness.


  • not detected.

Review: “I bought it for a private house when the TV burned out after power surges. Now it has become stable. Installing and connecting the stabilizer yourself was easy. I also liked the assembly, the quality is quite good. During the period of use, there were no breakdowns. ”

Price: 2,300-2,500 rubles.


Defender AVR Typhoon 1000

Defender AVR Typhoon 1000

Defender AVR Typhoon 1000 is distinguished by its small body and the presence of two sockets for connecting devices, as well as a backlit power button. Three multi-colored indicators notify about the operation of the device. On the side, top and bottom panels there are special ventilation holes through which heat is efficiently removed. The case of this relay device is made of durable plastic, which is not subject to mechanical damage. Also, the model is equipped with a fireproof fuse.

Active power 1 kW
Input operating voltage 175-285 V
Output voltage 198-242V
Input frequency 50-50 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 115x110x140 mm
Weight 1.5 kg


  • stable work;
  • clear and simple control;
  • silent operation;
  • optimal cost;
  • simplicity of design.


  • short power cord.

Review: “I bought this small device specifically for the TV. There is absolutely nothing complicated in the installation — plug it into the network, press the button and that’s it. The only thing I didn’t like was the short power cord. Cannot be installed on the floor with the standard outlet height.

Price: 1,100-1,300 rubles.

Defender AVR Typhoon 1000

APC by Schneider Electric Line-R LS1000-RS

APC by Schneider Electric Line-R LS1000-RS

APC by Schneider Electric Line-R LS1000-RS is a voltage stabilizer that is suitable for use at home, in the office, in the country house or in any other room. It perfectly smooths out voltage fluctuations and provides stable operation for connected devices. Due to its compactness and light weight, it does not take up much space in the room. The device has a passive cooling system that effectively removes heat from the case. An automatic fuse provides additional protection. Three euro sockets are provided for connecting equipment.

Active power 0.5 kW
Input operating voltage 184-284 V
Output voltage 198-242V
Response time 6 ms
Input frequency 50-50 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 95x119x180 mm
Weight 1.6 kg


  • quiet work;
  • compactness;
  • quality assembly;
  • does not heat up;
  • has three outlets.


  • short cord;
  • There may be an unpleasant smell of plastic after switching on.

Feedback: “I decided to purchase such a stabilizer after the laptop power supply burned out. Today I connected all the electronics through it, there are no problems. Compact and inexpensive device. For city apartments — what you need.

Price: 2,100-2,300 rubles.

APC by Schneider Electric Line-R LS1000-RS

Stihl IS350

Stihl IS350

Stihl IS350 is a model from the updated line of inverter voltage stabilizers. Transformerless technology ensures low weight of the device and small thickness. Convenient design and the possibility of wall mounting allow you to place the unit near a pump or gas boiler. Special indicators show the operating status of the device. The manufacturer perfectly thought out the natural ventilation system, which increases the reliability of the device. There is one convenient button to turn it on. For safe operation, the model has all the necessary levels of protection: from overheating, short circuit, etc.

Active power 0.3 kW
Input operating voltage 90-310 V
Output voltage 216-224 V
Input frequency 43-57 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 155x223x80 mm
Weight 2 kg


  • ease of installation and use;
  • does not make noise during operation;
  • compactness and light weight;
  • excellent stabilization;
  • minimum error.

Feedback: “I often have power surges in my country house, so I had to buy this stabilizer. For all the time of work, there were no problems in his work. I especially liked the informative indicators on the front”

Price: 4,600-4,800 rubles.

Stihl IS350

ERA SNNT-10000-Ts

ERA SNNT-10000-Ts

ERA SNNT-10000-Ts is a wall-mounted single-phase voltage stabilizer. It can be used at home, in the country, in the office, etc. It is easy to connect equipment to the device using terminals. The model has a built-in fan that starts to work during heating over 60 degrees. Together with the holes on the case, it provides effective cooling of the internal elements. You can control the parameters thanks to a convenient digital display. Steel housing, protection against low / high voltage and short circuit — all this guarantees the reliability, safety and efficient operation of the device.

Active power 10 kW
Input operating voltage 140-260V
Output voltage 202-238 V
Response time 20ms
Input frequency 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 270x380x170 mm
Weight 17.2 kg


  • minimum error;
  • ease of connection and use;
  • effective cooling;
  • convenient display;
  • reliability and durability.


  • no bypass function;
  • loud relay clicks.

Feedback: “I bought this stabilizer for giving at a discount for almost 12,000 rubles. In my opinion, this is a great price for such a device. It works silently, the error is very small. The only pity is that there is no bypass. Other than that, I’m completely satisfied.»

Price: 13,000-13,200 rubles.

ERA SNNT-10000-Ts



SVEN AVR SLIM 1000 LCD is used to power household appliances in a single-phase 220V network. The model is made in a durable metal case and is designed for wall mounting. To connect devices there is a euro socket, and for control — a button and a voltage switch. On the front panel there is a small display with indicators. The stabilizer is protected from high and low voltage, impulse noise, overload, short circuit and overheating of the device.

Active power 0.8 kW
Input operating voltage 140-260V
Output voltage 198-242V
Response time 10 ms
Input frequency 50-50 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 290x175x60 mm
Weight 2.9 kg


  • low noise level;
  • stylish design;
  • the presence in the kit of a drawing with the marking of fasteners;
  • durable case;
  • convenient power indicator.


  • short cord.

Reviews: “I liked the stabilizer. With him, the refrigerator began to work much better. Holds tension very well. It is very easy to install, besides, there are fasteners and a drawing in the kit.

Price: 2,500-2,700 rubles




RESANTA ACH-500/1-Ts is a voltage stabilizer with one socket that allows you to connect a computer or other household appliance. The device is protected against increased input voltage. It automatically turns off the device to prevent further damage. Convenient built-in indicators notify about the ongoing processes and the operation of the stabilizer. Turning the equipment on and off is carried out by a button on the case. A sturdy handle makes the stabilizer easy to transport.

Active power 0.5 kW
Input operating voltage 140-260 V
Output voltage 202-238 V
Stabilization speed 35 V/s
Input frequency 50-60 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD) 110x122x134 mm
Weight 2.5 kg


  • affordable price;
  • great for gas boiler;
  • stable work;
  • noiselessness;
  • having a digital display.


  • not detected.

Reviews: “We often have power surges in the village. We bought this stabilizer and connected all expensive equipment to it to save it. For all the time of use there were no problems, the device works perfectly and copes well with power surges. And the price is quite affordable.”

The price is 2,100-2,200 rubles.


Selection rules

When choosing which voltage regulator is better, you should pay attention not only to the manufacturer, but also to several important parameters.

  1. Phase. Single-phase models are great for home use and connecting household appliances, computers, TVs, etc. to them. Three-phase equipment is often used in industry with consumers of three-phase current (380 V).
  2. Power. One of the most important parameters when choosing a stabilizer. To select the appropriate power, it is necessary to take into account the total load of all connected devices, as well as which input machine is installed on the phase.
  3. stabilization accuracy. This parameter shows the maximum possible output voltage drop. According to GOST, it should be a maximum of 10% of the nominal value. In most modern models, the stabilization accuracy is 3-8%.
  4. Availability of indication. Modern stabilizers differ in various indicators, thanks to which you can find out and analyze the characteristics of the device. It can be LED bulbs or convenient displays.
  5. Efficiency value. The higher this figure, the greater the energy savings.
  6. Response time to changes in input voltage. The longer the response time of the stabilizer, the more dangerous voltage changes for electrical appliances.

Now, knowing the best voltage stabilizers and the criteria for their selection, it will not be difficult to choose the right one depending on your requirements.

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Best dry food for small breed dogs

7 min 1 to.

Do you know that your dog has approximately 17,000 taste buds? You, for comparison, have only about 9,000. How many “sweets” your pet is able to appreciate! And in order for him to remain active, healthy, beautiful and possibly obedient dog, you must provide him with a complete, balanced diet. A small dog needs special food for small breeds.

Features of feeding

The question of what food is best for small breed dogs is very important! These decorative kids are bred artificially, so their nature is non-standard. “A small dog until old age is a puppy,” ─ it’s hard to argue with this phrase. Is your pet also too excitable and mobile? This requires a lot of energy. But he will not be able to eat a large portion at a time. So you need to select food with the required calorie content. But it is absolutely impossible to overfeed.

Small dogs often have health problems:

  • disturbed metabolism;
  • fragile bones;
  • joint problems;
  • tartar;
  • obesity in castrated animals.

To avoid such problems, or at least reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, first of all, proper nutrition helps.

Responsible manufacturers provide a separate line of products for small dogs. They take into account not only the characteristics of the breed, but also age and weight.

What is dog food

Surely, this is not the first article about dog nutrition that you read. Therefore, we will briefly highlight 4 classes of finished feed.


This dry food for small dogs is prepared from meat and bone raw materials, animal fats, soy, flavor enhancers, preservatives and other additives. These are the cheapest finished products. They do not contain vitamins and essential elements, so they are not suitable as a permanent feed.


Premium dog food for small breeds is an assortment of poultry, meat and fish with the addition of by-products, vegetable and cereal ingredients. Their nutritional value is higher, and there are fewer synthetic additives.

Super premium for dogs

It is made only from natural meat, taking into account all the characteristics of each dog ─ age, breed, weight. They are expensive, they are sold in veterinary pharmacies, but you can buy food for small breed dogs in an online pet store.


The composition includes the meat of a specific type of animal or fish. Be sure to indicate which fats were used. As a plant base in holistic food, rice, lentils, as well as natural vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs are usually used. The result is the most enriched product with animal and vegetable proteins, fats, polyunsaturated acids, vitamins and fiber. In terms of quality, nutrition and balance, this is the best food for small breed dogs with their imperfect digestive system.

It remains to be seen which small breed feeds are most in demand. Which ones are more expensive and where you can buy cheap dog food.

Choosing food for small breed dogs

Rating TOP 7 food for small dogs

We offer a rating of the most popular feeds that are most often ordered in online stores.

7. 1st Choice Adult Dog TOY BREEDS

In the last position of our rating is a product made from chicken flour, fat, rice, oats, barley. Animal protein, like fat, is low in it. The calorie and nutritional value of this food is based on carbohydrates.

Pros: Minuses;
+ inexpensive;
+ with flax seeds;
+ easy to buy.
— unbalanced composition;
-very few meat ingredients.

6. Eukanuba Breed Specific Yorkshire Terrier

This food is designed for Yorkshire Terriers, but it is also suitable for other small dogs. Its consumption has a positive effect on the condition of the coat and teeth of animals.

Pros: Minuses;
+ nutritious;
+ with omega-3 and omega-6;
+ contains zinc, copper and other useful elements;
+ has fiber and a probiotic for good digestion;
+ contains eggs, vitamin E, fish oil, brewer’s yeast.
— difficult to find in regular stores, easier to order online;
— the composition was selected taking into account one breed.

5. Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Small

Super premium food for dogs of small breeds, specially made for them. Perfectly absorbed even by animals with problematic digestion. The food is based on natural lamb meat obtained without antibiotics and stimulants.

Pros: Minuses;
+ enhances immunity;
+ normalizes the process of digestion;
+ contains vitamins and minerals;
+ suitable for small dogs of any age;
+contains antioxidants from green tea and alfalfa.
-sold usually only in online stores;
— is not cheap.

4. Wellness Simple

Holistic food. Represents dry roundish granules. Made from natural meat, vegetables and fruits. The high content of proteins and fats provides the pet with not only muscle building, but also a beautiful, shiny coat. Suitable for older dogs of small breeds.

Pros: Minuses;
+ natural ingredients;
+ prepared taking into account the characteristics of the body of small breeds.
-It is better to order on the Internet, you will not find it in ordinary supermarkets.
Choosing food for small breed dogs

3. Hill’s Ideal Balance

Only natural meat raw materials. This food can be given to dogs of any age. It is safe and beneficial for puppies during their growth and maturation. With regular consumption of this product, the animal will be healthy, active, with good immunity and a beautiful appearance.

Pros: Minuses;
+ contains only meat without any additives;
+ it does not contain synthetic flavor enhancers and preservatives;
+ does not contain cereals, soy, corn and grains.
-expensive food that you will not find in regular stores.

2. Holistic food — Acana small

Based on high quality meat ingredients. Also in the composition of the meat of farm chickens, eggs, flounder, oats, fruits and vegetables. This composition provides the animal with the necessary amount of proteins, fats, as well as safe carbohydrates. Looking for a hypoallergenic food for small breed dogs ─ buy Acana small.

Pros: Minuses;
+ a lot of meat;
+ hypoallergenic food for dogs of small breeds;
+ highly nutritious composition.
-high price.

1. ACANA Puppy&Junior

This is perhaps the best dry food for small breed dogs. Perfectly balanced: meat, vegetables, eggs and fruits. Enriched with vitamins and probiotics. Minerals and extracts of herbs useful for dogs are added to the composition.

Pros: Minuses;
+ 75% natural meat;
+ the minimum amount of carbohydrates, and vegetable origin;
+Suitable for small dogs of all ages.
-high price;
Not available in regular stores.
Choosing food for small breed dogs


Your pet gives you joy and positive emotions, fills your life with energy. But small breeds require special care. Take care of your dog’s health right now and order healthy, healthy food in a trusted online store.


We have prepared the material based on online customer reviews. We do not advertise or sell, so we strive to provide truly useful, honest ratings. We look forward to your help and cooperation.

Leave your comments on the article, share tips on the topic. Tell us what kind of food you feed your dog, in which online stores you buy it and which manufacturers you trust. Your feedback and opinions will be taken into account when creating the following materials.

Review of the best camera traps: TOP-7 with prices, owner reviews and the opportunity to buy

A camera trap is a type of camera that is designed to take pictures in auto mode, pictures are taken after the set motion indicator is triggered. Often it is used by hunters or rangers, as well as simple photo hunting enthusiasts who seek to observe animals in their natural conditions. In addition to fundamentally different conditions for preserving the footage, camera traps are distinguished by a set of auxiliary accessories: a video camera, target designator, pulsed and IF illumination or sound calls.

If a few years ago the range of camera traps on the market was small, at the moment specialized stores offer a fairly large number of models. Before purchasing, you should focus on the resolution of the matrix, viewing angle, range and speed of the indicators. To make your choice easier, we have compiled a ranking of the best camera traps based on user reviews and expert opinions.


Rating of the best camera traps

Great functionality and the appearance of budget products have increased the popularity of camera traps among the owners of private houses and summer cottages. They use the device to monitor the dwelling and the site in their absence. Foresters use the device to track the movements of animals and keep their count. The forest camera is used to fight poachers, in the process of observing the growth of plants. Finding a method of using the device is not a problem, it is much more difficult to select and install a product. In this regard, a top of the best camera traps was compiled, which included the highest quality models.

Filin 90 Smart

Filin 90 Smart

The Filin camera trap is distinguished by its affordable price and good functionality. The device offers a 90-degree field of view, high-resolution video and photography options, and a 12MP camera. This product requires an additional memory card. The autonomy of the device is provided by 4 AA batteries. Setting, subsequent control of the camera trap is carried out by means of a remote control with a screen.

The developer supplies a special belt in the package to securely mount the device on a pole or tree. The body of the device is made of high quality plastic, which is protected from moisture and dust penetration according to the IP54 standard. The number of infrared emitters, on which the quality of recording at night will directly depend, is 30. The duration of a single video recording ranges from 10-90 seconds, the intervals for triggering the PIR indicator are 0-60 seconds at a distance of up to 20 m.

Max. video camera resolution 1920×1080
IR illumination range, m twenty
IP protection class IP54
Design features Night mode, IR LED


  • high quality picture;
  • remote control with display;
  • convenience of settings;
  • flat body;
  • ease of installation;
  • affordable price.


  • there is no display for viewing photos;
  • insufficient autonomy.

Comment: I got the device 2 months ago. I use Owl in the country, as well as for observing animals. Device settings make it possible to choose the quality of photo and video recording, the degree of sensitivity of the movement indicator. The files will be stored in JPEG format with a date and time stamp.

Price: 4,400 rubles.

Filin 90 Smart

Kubik K001

Kubik K001

Kubik K001 is an all-weather camera trap with a GSM module and a motion indicator (PIR sensor), which captures any movement within a radius of 20 m. The device takes pictures and sends them in high quality to e-mail, MMS or Yandex.Disk. The device is configured via Bluetooth using proprietary free software for iOS and Android. It has a built-in memory with a capacity of 8 GB (the saved photos on the card can be viewed using the application). The device comes with a special bracket, thanks to which the camera trap is easily mounted on trees or a pole.

During the day, the device shoots in color, at night — in black and white. The camera trap is equipped with an invisible backlight of 11 enhanced IF emitters and captures events in complete darkness at a distance of up to 8 m. It should be noted that the product case has an IPX64 protection class — the camera trap can be used in precipitation, as well as at low temperatures.

Max. video camera resolution 1600×1200
IR illumination range, m fifteen
IP protection class IPX64
Design features Bluetooth App Control, Night Mode, IR LED


  • sending photos to e-mail;
  • operating range;
  • work at any time of the day;
  • integrated memory of 8 GB;
  • photography according to the schedule;
  • dust and moisture protection;
  • low energy consumption.


  • insufficient autonomy;
  • the response time differs from the declared parameters.

Comment: A good product, which I have been using for more than 3 years, has never broken. I note high-quality images, always up-to-date data from the camera installation site. I advise everyone who is interested in hunting to buy a camera trap. The advantage will be productive IF illumination, the range is approximately 20 m.

Price: 16,900 rubles.

Kubik K001

Falcon 110

Falcon 110

A high-quality trap that is triggered by a movement indicator. The device menu is completely Russified, so it’s easy enough to figure out the camera settings. To start using the product, you need to put in it a memory card with a capacity of 8-32 GB and 8 AA batteries. The camera trap is capable of taking pictures at night up to 20 m using illumination from 56 IF emitters. The functioning of such emitters is hidden to the eyes of humans and animals, and does not attract attention. For greater concealment, the body of the model has a protective forest color.

The option of transferring photos in the form of MMS will make it possible to use the product as a security complex. With the least movement, the device will take a photo and send it to the phone, make a video recording. Each file is saved to a removable flash drive. For ease of use as a forest trap, a special clamping belt is included in the package for fixing the body to a tree. The body of the device itself is sealed and protects the internal elements of the device from various natural phenomena.

Max. video camera resolution 1280×1080
IR illumination range, m twenty
IP protection class IP54
Design features TFT display, night mode, 100 degree camera angle, IR LED


  • regulation of PIR susceptibility;
  • color picture during the day / black and white at night;
  • SD cards are supported;
  • multishooting 1/3 photo;
  • video duration is selectable from 10 to 60 seconds;
  • moisture resistance;
  • Russified menu.


  • slow camera response;
  • overcharge.

Comment: The camera trap was a gift from my wife. The device functions without interruptions, although the pictures are not of the highest quality. However, this is my first trap, so in general there are no complaints. Satisfied and recommend to buy the device.

Price: 8,000 rubles.

Falcon 110 camera trap

Suntek HC-801BH

Suntek HC-801BH

Street trap, which is equipped with a movement indicator. When the motion sensor is triggered, the camera in auto mode takes photos, events and records video on a Micro SD memory card. Photos will be saved at a resolution of up to 4032 by 3024 pixels, which provides increased clarity and detail in the picture. The operating range of the indicator will be up to 15 m. The device is powered by 4 AA batteries. When using high-quality batteries, the battery life will be 6 months.

The reliable case firmly protects the device from frost, precipitation, which will make it possible to use it in outdoor conditions. The integrated night illumination will provide a high-quality picture even at night at a distance of up to 15 m. The camera has a microUSB connector, which allows it to be powered from a 220 V mains supply using a power adapter or from an external 5 V battery. The camera trap is also used to protect premises or outdoor areas, as well as to control the movement of animals.

Max. video camera resolution 1920×1080
IR illumination range, m fifteen
IP protection class IP56
Design features There is a Micro USB connector, night mode, IR illumination, 3 MP CMOS sensors


  • high resolution photography;
  • Full HD video quality;
  • long work offline;
  • power supply;
  • night IF illumination;
  • recording to a memory card.


  • short range of the movement indicator;
  • poor functionality.

Comment: After reading the reviews, I began to look for this model to buy. The device is quite high quality, I really liked its compact size. It functions stably, the pictures are saved on the memory card, I update it from time to time. Satisfied with the choice made, I advise the camera trap from this brand.

Price: 3 600 rubles.

Suntek HC-801BH

Owl 120 PRO Edition (HC-700G)

Owl 120 PRO Edition (HC-700G)

A high-quality device, which is a joint development of Russian and Chinese specialists. It has an integrated GSM-module, whereby there is an immediate sending of photos and videos via a mobile or Internet channel to a smartphone. This will enable the owner of the camera trap to constantly have up-to-date information. The design works flawlessly — all movement indicators work extremely quickly, it will take approximately 0.1-0.15 seconds, then shooting will begin directly. The camera is in great demand among hunting enthusiasts due to its affordable price and decent performance.

It is only one here, but it always works correctly, however, its range is slightly lower than the infrared illumination boundary parameter. Because of this, at the edges of the lighting range, it may not pick up movement, so some interesting shots may miss the user. However, all the frames that will be taken, including at night, will turn out to be quite clear and expressive. It is worth noting that a remote control is supplied with this camera trap, so it will be much easier to control the camera even if it is already mounted on a tree at a decent height.

Max. video camera resolution 1920×1080
IR illumination range, m twenty
IP protection class IP54
Design features Motion sensors, light sensors, night mode, IR illumination, remote control, USB cable


  • interesting appearance and good disguise;
  • long battery life;
  • USB cable;
  • remote control;
  • high level of fastening reliability;
  • informative TFT display;
  • good quality and clarity of pictures.


  • not too long range of the motion sensor;
  • quality collection.

Comment: I bought the device on my own, I thought about the models for a long time. The consultant offered an inexpensive trial and I accepted. Everything suits the camera trap — good range, excellent image quality. It has never let me down, I get pictures regularly when the motion sensor is triggered within a radius of 20 m. I recommend purchasing and supporting a domestic manufacturer, you are unlikely to regret it.

Price: 7 850 rubles.

Owl 120 PRO Edition (HC-700G)

Balever BL480L-P

Balever BL480L-P

Nice camera trap Balever BL480L-P with GSM (GPRS) 4G module, GPS and invisible flash. The camera trap sends photos to e-mail in the original size, so you can see all the details. Video is transmitted in 640×360 (VGA) resolution for 6 seconds, which is enough for most situations. The transfer of photos and videos is carried out over a 4G network at high speed, and thanks to the presence of a GPS receiver, the coordinates can be displayed on the taken photos or videos. It has an increased angle of 120 degrees of sensor and lens actuation.

Camera control is very simple and clear. You can simply send SMS commands to your SIM number, or you can install a more convenient dedicated application on your Android or iOS phone. When using high-quality batteries, the camera trap can work up to six months in warm weather and up to 5 months on cold days. The camera trap operates at temperatures from -30 °C to +60 °C, and is also completely protected from heavy rain and snow. The chamber opens like a book directly attached to a tree. On its body are convenient controls — 7 buttons with which you have access to the settings menu.

Max. video camera resolution 1920×1080
IR illumination range, m 25
IP protection class IP66
Design features USB cable, strap, enhanced 4G antenna, night mode, IR LED


  • transfer of photo and video images by e-mail or phone;
  • display of the current date, time, air temperature;
  • fastened to the tree with a belt;
  • increased battery life;
  • menu in Russian;
  • password protection from strangers;
  • built-in color LCD display.


  • the sensor does not always work;
  • overcharge.

Commentary: The perfect trap in every sense! Unfortunately, I lost the first one, and when it was time to buy a new one, I bought this model without hesitation. Excellent quality of work, high-quality pictures, illumination and range of vision. Satisfied and recommend! Another advantage is that the margin of safety is enough for an average of 5 years, verified by me.

Price: 14,800 rubles.

Balever BL480L-P

Forestcam LS-127 2G

Forestcam LS-127 2G

This is a very reliable scanning and infrared type design, the functions of which can be controlled using commands sent via SMS from a mobile phone. The motion sensor is highly sensitive, passive type. Photos are taken with a 16 megapixel camera, so the pictures are quite clear, the video clips are shot in .avi format with 1080p HD image quality. The communication module has a high speed of operation, so the data is sent instantly.

In order to save battery power, sending is carried out once a day, and the sending time is chosen by the user. The camera is equipped with a two-inch LCD full-color display, there is a microphone for sound recording. The original solution was a laser pointer, with which it is very convenient to adjust the position of the camera and choose its orientation. The camera trap works well in all weather conditions.

Max. video camera resolution 1920×1080
IR illumination range, m 25
IP protection class IP66
Design features Night mode, IR LED, USB cable, camera strap


  • daylight LEDs are installed, which makes tracking animals more convenient;
  • can work in any weather conditions;
  • remote control of the camera by mobile phone;
  • ultra-fast data transfer rate;
  • almost imperceptible coloring;
  • highly sensitive sensor that detects the slightest movement at a distance of up to 25 m.


  • the quality of some spare parts on the case;
  • rather expensive model.

Commentary: The trap model is expensive, but the cost is justified by the instant response and image quality. I receive MMS on my phone immediately after fixing. I bought the same trap for my son, because he was also introduced to the culture of hunting. I hope you will appreciate the camera trap, it absolutely justifies its characteristics and rather high cost.

Price: 15 290 rubles.

Forestcam LS-127 2G

Selection Tips

The popularity of models is determined by the price and functions of the device. When purchasing a camera trap, you should find out not only which company is better, but also compare technical specifications. The following are six key points that a buyer should pay attention to when choosing a quality camera trap:

  • effective range. The vast majority of camera traps are not capable of detecting movement beyond 21 meters. Increasing the range by almost 10 meters actually means doubling the sensitivity of the IR sensor. The detection range of the sensor is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the environment and the moving object. At the same time, it should be taken into account that in winter, due to the low ambient temperature, the efficiency of the IR sensor is reduced by an average of 2 times. The high effective range not only allows you to get high-quality images and video recordings at night, but also detects more animal activity and is better suited for territory protection tasks.
  • The number of pixels. At a great distance, a moving object looks smaller and is harder to recognize. To capture distant objects, you need a high-resolution camera. However, there are two types of pixel resolution that are important to distinguish: the physical resolution of the photosensitive matrix (sensor) and the resolution of the photo obtained through digital processing by the processor — interpolation. At the same time, the quality and sharpness of the image directly depend on the sensor components used by the manufacturer.
  • Invisible IR illumination. Consumers are willing to pay 10-15% more for a camera trap with invisible infrared illumination (940nm), preferring it to partially visible illumination (850nm). This is because illumination with a wavelength of 850 nm is visible to the human and animal eyes. A camera trap can scare away an animal or vice versa, become an easy prey for a thief.
  • Wide viewing angle. Wide-angle cameras cover more space than narrow-angle ones. However, a wide-angle lens, due to the convexity of the lens, slightly distorts the space: photographs can be obtained with a pronounced perspective, have a shallower depth of field, and there is a slight “blurring” at the edges.
  • Low light. In order to capture good night time predator images, Bolymedia developed Motion Sharp technology, which in turn requires an additional 2 times more light than an average camera with 40 IR LEDs can provide. And this technology works even at long distances.
  • Image quality. The main task of a camera trap as a digital camera is to take good photos and record high-quality videos. Image quality refers to such indicators as color accuracy and saturation, noise level, contrast and sharpness. By the way, sharpness is often confused with resolution. The resolution of a photograph only indicates the number of dots (pixels) that make up the photograph, and sharpness can be defined as “contour contrast”, that is, as the sharpness of the boundaries between areas of the image with different brightness.

A camera trap is a modern type of camera with which you can shoot in automatic mode due to the presence of a motion sensor. The first model was film, it was actively used by researchers, ecologists, hunters to track down animals. Now, most companies from different countries offer the best camera traps with different functionality and benefits. To simplify the choice for an ordinary buyer, a rating was compiled. The review of the best camera traps includes inexpensive, medium-priced models, as well as the most popular devices on the market.

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TOP 10 services for free registration of permanent and temporary email

Your e-mail box in our time can be called a necessity for almost every Internet user. They can be created on the basis of almost all sites, but most of the services are not very convenient and have little functionality. We have collected the best services for creating mail for free, as well as sites for registering a temporary box. Let’s take a closer look at their features and benefits.


Why is email needed?

Why do we need email in the era of popular instant messengers or regular SMS messages? In most cases, it is required to register on various sites and services and quickly control all your accounts. It also provides access to the developer ecosystem. For example, if a user wants to fully use all the functions of Google, then he will have to log in, and this will require the presence of e-mail.

TOP of the best free email registration services

Don’t know where to create an email? Our rating will help with this! It includes only the most reliable and proven services.

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail is one of the most popular e-mail creation services today. It is comfortable and reliable. The main features of the service include integration with the Dr.Web anti-virus service, which checks attachments in emails for safety, and can also translate foreign languages ​​into Russian. In addition, Yandex offers an unlimited mailbox volume, a built-in organizer, a large number of processing tools (checking, editing, design). You can use this e-mail from any device, be it a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Another well-known company also offers a convenient mailbox with good speed. All user actions in it are performed in a split second. The features include convenient labeling of messages, interaction with the cloud storage of files «Cloud». In addition, the user is given the opportunity to work with several mails at the same time. If necessary, «heavy» files can be attached to the letter and sent to other users. If you need to throw off the image, then you can pre-process it (adjust the size, view, etc.). Another rather handy feature is the grouping of messages into threads, which allows you to see previous letters at once, rather than looking for them all over the mailbox.



Gmail is considered the most stable and reliable email service. The developers use one of the best spam detection and filtering algorithms. The interface of this e-mail is simple and convenient, there is a special search for letters and messages. In addition, all incoming messages are automatically divided into categories, such as «Basic», «Forums», «Advertising», etc. Personal information is securely protected. Gmail is also integrated with 15 GB cloud storage. Another advantage is a small amount of advertising, while the contextual one is placed next to the read letters.

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is a free e-mail from Apple with a convenient functional web application, IMAP access, large storage capacity. Using this service, you can not only send and receive mail, but also manage contacts, calendars, and synchronize important information. When you receive an email, it will be immediately available on all devices, including your phone. At the same time, the iCloud Mail interface lacks shortcuts and other features for productivity and email organization. The software product does not support access to accounts of other services.



The Outlook service offers users many options, especially for working in Microsoft Office. This mail is great for office workers. Despite the fact that the service is simple, it is not inferior in its functionality to the well-known Gmail. The main features include access to a free cloud, the function of synchronizing your account with other storages, automatic highlighting of important messages and moving them to one folder. In addition, event emails and invitations can be synchronized with the calendar. The service has built-in support for Skype, access to various programs such as PayPal, GIPHY, Yelp, Uber and many others. Also, Outlook may even offer to help the user compose the letter.

Rating of services for creating temporary email without a phone number

Temporary mail allows the user to receive an email address for a limited period of time. Often this time is several tens of minutes or hours. Some modern services may offer temporary mail for several days. It is quite convenient, because the user does not need to spend time registering and entering his personal data. You may need such an email in several cases:

  • to protect against spam when you need to register on an unverified site;
  • to access free programs or courses;
  • to test the developed letter in email marketing;
  • to register new accounts on popular sites;
  • to chat with an unknown sender.



This service allows you to create a temporary email in just a couple of seconds. Such a box will work indefinitely until the user himself refreshes the page. In addition, mail can become permanent, because it has a built-in message forwarding service. All incoming emails are displayed on the page instantly.



TempMail is one of the most popular temporary email services. The site is convenient and fully Russified, you do not need to register to use it. To work, just go to the site and the generated email address will appear on its main page. If desired, it can be changed to another. It is impossible to send letters from such a box, only to receive in any quantity. Inboxes are stored for no more than an hour. In addition, the service offers convenient browser extensions and mobile versions for use from a smartphone.

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail is a temporary email service. Here you can not only receive letters, but also answer them. To use it, you do not need to register, as in other similar services, the address is generated by itself. Completely letters are deleted after 1 hour. In addition, it is possible to receive, view and download attachments from messages.



iTemp offers users to choose their own login or generate it automatically. In addition, you can create several temporary mail. The update happens every 3 seconds, which is very convenient. The developers also offer a built-in search for letters and even allow you to save them. The site is Russified. Messages are stored here for several days.



10minutemail is a good 10 minute temporary mail. The site is only partially Russified, but it does not cause difficulties when using it. The name of the email register is located at the bottom of the page near the timer. After the user enters the site, the address is generated automatically and the countdown starts. If 10 minutes is not enough, then the timer can always be reset. One of the features of the service is that you can not only receive letters, but also respond to them. But you can’t receive messages with attachments.

How is the registration of an email address: instructions

Registering an email is a simple process that takes several steps:

  1. You need to go to the mail service you like and find the inscription «Register» (the inscription may differ depending on the selected service).
  2. After that, you need to fill out the form that opens by entering your data. This is basically the full name, date of birth, country, gender. You also need to come up with a future email address and a password for it.
  3. After entering the data, click on the «Register» button and the mail will be created. It is better to save the address and password.

Important! Today, many services require mobile phone verification at the registration stage. In this case, you need to enter it, wait for an SMS message with a code and enter it in a special field. Only after that the mail will be registered.

Despite the fact that we live in the era of various messaging applications, email still remains popular. A large selection of services will allow everyone to choose the one that suits their needs and desires.

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what are, how to choose a table

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When going on a picnic, you need to take with you not only food and drinks, but also a convenient folding table. This is a very comfortable furniture for relaxing, allowing you to comfortably sit and have a good time. You will not need to look for a flat place, fight with oilcloths and bedding, which often give an irregular shape.

Those who prefer a civilized holiday will definitely need a picnic table. This furniture can also come in handy when fishing or in the summer at their summer cottage.

Benefits of using a picnic table

Such a product should be called an indispensable assistant not only for a picnic, but also in the country. It is very convenient to use this furniture as needed: hide it when the owners are absent, and, conversely, lay it out when they arrive. The table can be both the main furniture and additional, for example, during the conservation period or during the celebration of an event, if there is not enough space for drinks, dishes or dishes.

Among the main advantages that are in such furniture for relaxation, the following should be highlighted:

  • small dimensions;
  • light weight;
  • convenient for transportation;
  • durable materials are used in the manufacture;
  • some models are equipped with a special opening for an awning / umbrella;
  • There is a handle for carrying.
How to choose a picnic table

What are picnic tables made of?

In the shopping areas you can see various options for tables. As a rule, they have a countertop and a folding frame. Materials for manufacturing: wood, metal, plastic.

For a young company, an aluminum picnic table is suitable. This is a budget option. Plus, it’s lightweight. Most often, this type of table is placed in a small suitcase. It will easily fit into the trunk, so it will become an invariable thing for travel.

When choosing a table, it is important to remember one thing: aluminum cannot withstand too much stress. In order not to damage the furniture, the maximum load on it should not exceed 8 — 20 kg. In this regard, steel models stand out favorably, as they are able to withstand about 100 kg.

There are also folding wooden picnic tables. They are more suitable for relaxing in the country, as they have sufficient weight and dimensions. However, the appearance of such options is more attractive, and the table is pleasant to the touch.

Universal furniture can be called a plastic picnic table. It is suitable for both youth and children’s recreation. You can take it with you not only to nature, but also put it in the country, where it will look appropriate. The main advantages of such models are high strength and wear resistance. On sale you can find tables of various sizes: from small to large.

About the design features of tables

Countertops come in a variety of shapes. Rectangular is the most common. However, you can find models with a square or round shape. The most rare is the oval shape. Countertops are made from various materials. Very beautiful options made of wood, laminated fiberboard. However, in this case, the table should be protected from precipitation. A plastic countertop will be more practical.

The legs of the tables are aluminum, metal or wood. The stability of the model is given by crossed legs. However, it will not be very comfortable to sit at such a table. Guests will feel more comfortable at the table, the supports of which are parallel. There are also options with adjustable legs. They will be especially convenient for uneven surfaces.

The steel support may be in the form of a closed loop. Such a table will be stable and will not sink into the ground. Ideal if the steel will be powder coated. Such painting will protect against corrosion, and the appearance of the table will be more attractive.

For a picnic, it is better to take an aluminum model. Another option is a table with cross-shaped aluminum legs. The tabletop can be made of plywood, but a varnish coating is required. This table is easy to fold and unfold. For a summer residence, you can choose a completely wooden model or with metal legs. The tabletop in this case can be made of plywood or laminated fiberboard.

How to choose a picnic table

Aluminum tables

Depending on the number of people who need to be placed at the table, there may be several product options:

  • If a company of up to 4 people is going, then the best choice is a compact folding model, the frame of which is made of steel or aluminum profiles. The tabletop will be made of aluminum or fabric. The weight of such tables is in the range of 2 — 5 kg.
  • For more people, you should choose an aluminum picnic table for a large company. Such models have not only a large capacity, but also weight — up to 7 kg. The frame in this case will also be made of aluminum or steel.

The corners in most of these models are specially processed so that injury can be avoided. This is especially important if the picnic is planned with children.

The most comfortable model

A set of folding picnic table with four chairs is one of the best buys. Such kits are made of aluminum, which is a reliable and at the same time lightweight material. In the manufacture of countertops, a durable refractory material is often used — fibralite. On such a table it will be possible to put hot dishes or throw metal objects. In addition, such furniture can be left in the rain if necessary.

Permissible load on such a table is up to 50 kg. It is worth noting that it is also telescopic, that is, its height can be adjusted. Special clamps are responsible for this.

The set of chairs included in the set can be put into the table without much effort. This saves free space in the trunk. The chairs are made from lightweight aluminium. The load on them can reach 140 kg.

Some models of such folding tables can be additionally equipped with a shelf on which you can conveniently place cutlery, napkins and other things useful for relaxing. Thanks to this design, free space will appear on the table.

The picnic set for the table and chairs may also include benches. The tabletop, like the seats of the chairs, is most often made of aluminum. MDF or plastic can also be used. The color scheme is different. Colors such as beige, white, metallic are especially popular. The top can be finished with a plastic red or green marble finish.

Very handy and compact picnic table. It is perfect for small feasts, for fishing, hiking, in the country, as the set, as a rule, also contains 4 chairs. Such models are quite light, have a convenient handle for carrying. They can easily be carried in one hand.

When assembled, this model will seem like a small-sized suitcase. It only takes a few minutes to assemble the table without using any tools. The load that this model can withstand is up to 30 kg. Friends will be able to sit comfortably on chairs, appreciate the comfort of such a rest.

It is worth noting the unpretentiousness of such products. This is a wonderful furniture for which children can practice modeling, drawing, making fakes. A sturdy table will stand it all. You just need to wipe it, and it is again clean, ready for use.

How to choose a picnic table

How to choose a table?

When choosing a picnic table, you should understand where and how it will be used. Based on this, they are determined from the requirements for furniture. When choosing, pay attention to the size, appearance, design features of the frame.

It is worth considering the following parameters:

  • Understand how many people the table is designed for. For a large company, wooden and plastic models are suitable. If you need to place up to 4 people at the table, then it is better to opt for the aluminum version.
  • The folded table should easily fit in the trunk of a car.
  • Which shape do you prefer: square, round, oval, rectangular. It is also worth deciding on the desired color.
  • If you plan to rest on the lake, it is best to choose a model with telescopic legs, as there is a possibility of height regulation.
  • Some folding picnic tables have a hole in the middle. You can put a parasol in it.
  • When buying, you need to take care of the chairs for greater comfort. Otherwise, you get a Swedish-style picnic.
  • Consider the material of manufacture, the manufacturer and the price.
  • Specify how many connections are in the frame.
  • Table compact when folded

Where to buy a picnic table?

Buying a picnic table at the present time will not cause difficulties. The question arises: where to buy a folding picnic table? Such goods can be picked up in numerous furniture stores, on Internet portals. The latter option is considered one of the most convenient, since you can not only choose the product you need, but also read the reviews of other customers, see the existing configuration options, and get advice from a store specialist.

As for the pricing policy. It depends on several factors: manufacturer, material, composition of the kit. The most expensive will be models made of moisture-resistant plastic. A more budget option is a table made of water-repellent fabric.

It is also worth noting that the sizes of tables can be different. The most common options are 800 × 580 or 840 × 580 mm. There is also such a size as 1000 × 500 × 445 or 480 mm. There is plenty to choose from, as the assortment and model range is diverse.

The 10 Most Reliable 55-inch TVs for the Home — TV Rating 2022

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10 best 55-inch TVs - Ranking 2021

Introducing the top 10 most reliable and affordable 55-inch TVs for the home. From the article you will learn how to choose and buy a high-quality and reliable 55-inch TV for an apartment. The top 10 rating includes the most popular 55-inch TV models, according to the price-quality criterion. The rating of the best 55-inch TVs is based on user reviews and expert opinion. This 55-inch TV rating should help you make the right choice.

55-inch TVs are by far one of the most common sizes on the market, allowing for a wide range of applications. Such TVs are suitable for games, comfortable viewing of multimedia files, etc. Not surprisingly, many brands and new brands are looking to expand this segment with a variety of hardware options that differ in size, screen shape, type of matrix used, resolution and other parameters. Our list of the best 55-inch TVs of 2021 has something for everyone. The list is based on customer reviews and value for money.

Let’s start with the fact that models with different resolutions are sold in this size:

  • 1920 × 1080 (Full HD) is the most attractive format in terms of price due to falling costs due to the development of 8K, but it is practically not on sale;
  • 3840 x 2160 (4K) — the most relevant format (golden mean), the demand for which is due to the large amount of detailed video content;
  • 7680 x 4320 (8K) is a relatively new format due to the high cost and small range of content at this resolution.

Best cheap 55 inch TVs

In this category, inexpensive models are presented, but with a resolution of 4K.

LG 55UP7500

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20211

The top 10 TVs with a diagonal of 55 inches are opened by the LG 55UP7500 model, which belongs to the economy class of solutions from the South Korean developer. Like other products of the brand, this line runs on its own operating system. Since this is a new TV, the latest webOS 6.0 software is implemented here. Of course, voice control is provided, there is a premium LG Magic remote control. The product description claims support for Direct LED and HDR backlighting. Given a peak brightness of 300 nits, there’s no reason to believe it makes sense to rely on peak brightness when viewing 4K because it’s still a budget segment. However, a good image is achieved for this price range. The sound is also good, thanks to the use of the LG SN6Y panel, which has an output power of 420 watts.


  • affordable price;
  • new generation OS;
  • rich color reproduction;
  • simple control.


  • brightness level for 4K.

Huawei Vision S 55

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20212

If you are looking for a cheap and good 55-inch TV, we recommend that you pay attention to Huawei Vision S with a proprietary operating system. It’s only been a few years since HarmonyOS was introduced, and it makes sense that this software is still very, very far from Android, both in terms of available software and in terms of technological implementation. It is important to note that the manufacturer himself positions this model as a smart screen, and not a full-fledged TV, which is easily explained by the lack of a TV tuner. Instead, it is suggested to use Internet content. In this case, the programs will need to be downloaded from an unknown AppGallery store. The model is great for gaming, the refresh rate reaches 120 Hz, the matrix is ​​excellent: bright, with a decent level of color reproduction at the level of classic competitive IPS panels. Another plus in 40-watt sound.


  • sound power;
  • unusual functionality;
  • update frequency;
  • it’s not a bad matrix.


  • still a crude operating system.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV X55

10 best 55-inch TVs - Ranking 20213

In our subjective opinion, the best 55-inch TV in terms of value for money today is the Xiaomi Redmi Smart TV model, which runs on a pure Android TV 10 series operating system. The panel has a high-quality glossy finish, so such as HDR10 + technology . The brightness, at least in the store, looks like flagships, but let’s not forget the company’s factory calibration, which realized that such a technique could increase sales. In low light conditions, the result will no longer be as bright. Also note the 60Hz refresh rate, so you might find a better solution for gaming. I like that the total power of the speakers is 30 watts. The sound quality is still excellent. The model does not slow down, because a powerful chip and 2 gigabytes of RAM are implemented.


  • 16 GB internal memory;
  • performance and fast response;
  • bright image by default;
  • powerful sound.


  • factory calibration.

Samsung UE-55AU7100

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20214

This budget model is suitable for gaming thanks to a faster VA panel. At the same time, the 55-inch Samsung UE-55AU7100 TV received a good-natured proprietary Crystal 4K processor, which perfectly adapts content in terms of sound level and brightness to the needs of the user. It is worth noting the mediocre brightness level of 300 cd / m², which we decided to compensate with the help of Pur Color and Contrast Enhancer technologies. The picture is very clear and rich for its price category. Support for HDR10+ technology is claimed, but there is reason to doubt it. The TV is based on the operating system Tizen 6.0. Mid-Range Audio: Dual 10W speakers available. Plenty of interfaces are available, including 3 HDMI ports.


  • fast matrix;
  • good technique;
  • sound quality;
  • many ports.


  • brightness level.


Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20215

The best budget 55-inch TV in 2021 is the LG 55NANO75, powered by a proprietary NanoCell matrix. The real cost comes from the use of inexpensive direct LED backlighting. Declared support for Nano Color technology, which really improves color reproduction. HDR10 technology is provided. The panel has a glossy finish, support for image resizing up to 4K. The composition includes 3 ports in v 2.0 format. Also noteworthy is the powerful sound of 20 watts with support for Dolby Digital technology. There are many noteworthy technologies, including AirPlay 2 and voice assistants.


  • Dolby Digital technology;
  • sound quality;
  • NanoCell matrix;
  • good coverage;
  • scalable up to 4K.


The best 55″ premium TVs

If you are interested in models that represent the «latest fashion», do not forget that in the world of marketing, not all decisions are worth the cost. Often this rule applies to certain types of TVs.

Curved screen — on sale you can find models with an interesting display design, but against the backdrop of creative design, such TVs are larger and often have a worse viewing angle.

3D format — such models are more expensive, but there is still relatively little content in this format. Probably for this reason, manufacturers offer fewer and fewer TVs with support for these graphics.

We have selected the most popular models that received the most positive reviews. If you are interested in specific solutions, do not forget the information provided.

TCL 55C725

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20216

The 55-inch TV score is complemented by the TCL 55C725 model, which runs on a QLED matrix, but quantum dot technology is not implemented as efficiently as in the case of Samsung. However, the model offers a really bright picture and pleases with pure Android TV support, which is an indisputable plus for those who do not like the South Korean brand’s proprietary operating system. To report a good response of 7 milliseconds, we can talk about a good adaptation of the panel for games. The brightness reaches 330 cd/m². Another plus is support for image resizing up to 4K resolution. The sound is of high quality, as Dolby Atmos technology is implemented, as well as DTS. Performance can be attributed to a good processor and a significant amount of RAM (2 gigabytes).


  • good sound;
  • good brightness;
  • pure android;
  • upscaling to 4K.


  • no technology for Qled matrix.


Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20217

In our opinion, this is the best 55-inch gaming TV you can find on the world wide web. First of all, the model belongs to the economy class of OLED TVs, although it guarantees a great image. Second, the LG B1 TV series is synced with the Xbox Series X and supports technologies such as Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync. The panel has very low input lag, down to 1 millisecond. The image refresh rate is 120 Hz. Good sound and picture quality is also achieved through a range of proprietary content options including Dolby Vision IQ and FILMMAKER MODE. However, there are more expensive lines from the brand, including the G1 or X1, for watching movies in excellent quality.


  • synchronization with game services;
  • powerful processor;
  • quick response;
  • new generation of OLED matrices.


  • not the premium segment.

Sony XR-55X90J

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20218

The list of 55-inch premium TVs is replenished with a new model from Sony — the XR-55X90J series, which, as the brand reminded, is ready to compete in the flagship panel segment. Here, the Google TV series operating system is implemented in combination with the powerful Sony XR processor. The FALD backlight is used, which explains the excellent brightness, and the refresh rate reaches 120Hz, which can explain the really smooth image. Benefits include 4K upscaling, XR contrast enhancement, and Live Color playback. It is worth noting that the speakers are not the loudest, but the sound is really high quality — 20W, but there is Dolby Atmos and DTS technology.


  • a plurality of image intensifiers;
  • update frequency;
  • powerful processor;
  • good operating system.


  • not a large volume.

Samsung QE-55Q70A

Top 10 best 55-inch TVs - Rating 20219

The former leader in premium 55-inch TV selection is the Samsung QE-55Q70A, which features flagship QLED technology and the most powerful Quantum 4K chip. Of course, this range includes cutting edge technologies including Dolby Digital Plus, HDR10+ and 120Hz refresh rate. The TV is great for both gaming and watching quality content. There is upscaling, improved brightness, contrast, and the matrix itself delivers maximum color reproduction, but in our opinion, this panel lags a little behind LG’s next-generation premium segment. This is a subjective opinion, and the brightness of the image at night is clearly Samsung’s favorite.


  • Hi-tech;
  • the latest generation chip;
  • good sound;
  • quality black.



10 best 55-inch TVs - Ranking 2021

The best 55-inch TV of 2021 is the LG OLED55C1, a new premium product from the aforementioned brand. It’s a true 10-bit OLED-based display that delivers 1 billion shades of color, and it’s hard to find a more up-to-date solution for content, but the refresh rate is 120Hz, which is good enough for gaming. In addition, the engineers of a well-known company paid due attention to technologies such as AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync. There is a remote pointer, the latest generation operating system and a powerful 40W speaker system. Also worth noting is a powerful 4th generation processor with scaling support and technologies that match room acoustics and light levels.


  • high tech;
  • 10-bit matrix;
  • the most piquant image;
  • update frequency;
  • game options.


How to choose a good 55-inch TV?

Since the display size was originally advertised, the problem is fixed automatically. But even without this, there are enough parameters that you should pay attention to if you do not know how to choose a 55-inch TV for your home, office or apartment.

  1. Smart TV. Even for budget models with such a diagonal, this option is standard. In fact, we are talking about expanding network capabilities (Internet access, integration with the most popular hosting, Wi-Fi connection). It should be noted that the capabilities of SMART-TV vary across operating systems. This rule applies to the built-in application collection, multimedia movie collections, TV shows, and so on. Android TV attracts with the ability to install Google apps and services. They often support voice control, there are built-in assistants.
  2. Screen cover. Matte displays have average brightness, color gamut, and saturation quality. The advantage is that when exposed to ambient light, no reflections appear on them. Glossy models convey brightness and color reproduction better. The downside is that they do not respond well to sunlight. Screens with a glossy anti-glare finish are a premium option, but this modification comes at a higher cost.
  3. Response time. Even cheap 55-inch TVs are fast enough to watch sports and action movies. However, for games, you should focus on the indicator with a minimum delay.
  4. Viewing angle. The best option is about 178 degrees. This is a characteristic indicator for IPS and more advanced matrices, which you can learn more about later in the text.
  5. Brightness level. It should be noted right away that the required value is selected taking into account the environment. However, this rule does not apply to the premium segment. Under any conditions, the norm is considered to be in the region of 400-600 cd / m2.
  6. Contrast level. To this day, even experts are inclined to conclude that dynamic indicators are a marketing gimmick and it is worth focusing on static contrast. The higher the score, the correspondingly better.
  7. Frame frequency. The optimal indicator is considered to be about 60 Hz for the budget segment and up to 240 Hz for premium models with 4K resolution.
  8. Dynamic scene index. This is the so-called apparent frame rate. Indeed, a very specific parameter that should indicate the softness of the image display.
  9. HDR. This technology is designed to expand the range of brightness that a TV can display. This rule applies to both non-white and black colors.

The latest generations of flagship models also feature improved brightness and contrast, as described in the model descriptions. This feature enables the conversion of normal content to HDR.

What type of matrix is ​​best?

As practice shows, low-quality TN-matrices are not used in large TVs. You have to choose between IPS and VA. The first option provides an excellent color rendering index, bright saturated colors, and a good viewing angle. Of course, TVs with such a matrix are more expensive than analogues. VA arrays are faster than their counterparts, often more attractive for gaming, but inferior to IPS in terms of color reproduction. Production technologies:

  1. OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) — attract with low power consumption, higher quality than traditional backlighting. The downside is the high cost.
  2. QLED (quantum dots): thin film nanoparticle coatings are used in combination with multilayer color filters. This has a positive effect on the level of brightness and saturation. But such matrices are even more expensive.

TV sound quality

Unfortunately, even premium models can “drown” in this parameter: some lack a subwoofer, others have low-power speakers or weak technologies to improve sound. Let’s try to understand the important points of choosing a good 55-inch TV this year:

  1. Optimum sound power is about 10 watts per speaker. But the highest priority figure is obviously 20 watts.
  2. Number of Speakers: To work in stereo you need at least two elements, the more there are, the more surround sound you can get. It is important that the design allows the connection of a soundbar to expand the possibilities.
  3. A subwoofer is a special speaker in a speaker system for better reproduction of ultra-low frequencies.

What is the best 55″ TV to buy in 2022?

At the end of our top, I would like to note that the number of ports for connecting peripherals, as well as the version responsible for the data transfer rate, play an important role when buying such equipment. If you don’t know which 55-inch TV to buy, look at the build quality as well, preferably behind a dust cover.

Therefore, according to PriceQuality, this year the most relevant models are:

  • good budget 55-inch model — Thomson T55FSL5130;
  • best 4K TV — Sony KD-55XG9505;
  • top TV with 8K support — Samsung QE-55Q900RB;
  • The best 55-inch TV for gaming is the LG OLED55B1.

Share our rating so that other users can compare interesting and current models in order to buy the TV that best suits their needs.